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The three airlines net profit fell collective   luck and cheap air travel channel high profit — original title: cheap airline performance in the first half decent number of our airlines have recently released the first half of 2016 earnings, the first half of this year, the big three of total revenues of more than 150 billion yuan, but the adverse effects of exchange rate on net profit loss caused by the collective the decline of Eastern Airlines net profit of 3 billion 233 million yuan, down 9.3%; China Air China net profit of 3 billion 460 million yuan, down 12.5%; China Southern Airlines net profit of 3 billion 110 million yuan, down 10.7%. It is noteworthy that the first half of Budget airline company performance is not good. Foreign exchange losses affect AIRLINES AIRLINES usually pay for imported goods in foreign currency, such as aircraft, and the U.S. dollar debt, the performance of the RMB has clearly affected the profitability of the airlines. According to Air China estimates, under the premise that other factors remain unchanged, the RMB devaluation of 1% per cent, will cause air China net profit decreased by about $535 million, accounting for the proportion of full year net profit in 2015 was 7.41%. Last year, the devaluation of the RMB 6.12% led to a total of three airlines exchange losses surged by a factor of 18. For example, China Eastern Airlines last year due to the devaluation of RMB 5 billion yuan of foreign exchange losses, resulting in a full year of last year’s financial expenses surged by two times, a record reached $7 billion 269 million. China Southern Airlines said in a semi annual report, fuel prices remain relatively low, but the impact of RMB exchange rate on the Chinese airlines operating performance greatly. To this end, China Southern Airlines and actively respond to exchange rate fluctuations, optimize the currency structure of debt, through the early return and replacement of financing lease liabilities of $$$to reduce debt, debt ratio, RMB financing ratio increased to 50.8% from the beginning of 31.7%, reducing foreign exchange losses. International airline earnings decline in accordance with China Southern Airlines semi annual report, as of June 30, 2016, China Southern Airlines Group achieved operating income of about 54 billion 54 million yuan, an increase of 1.36%, net profit of $3 billion 111 million, down by 10.65%. Reporters found that in the first half of this year, China Southern Airlines revenue per passenger kilometer average of 0.49 yuan, down by 7.55%. International revenue per passenger kilometer, which fell significantly, up to 11.11%. In the freight, freight charges per ton kilometer revenue was 1.08 yuan, down 12.09%, international routes fell 14.17%. China Southern Airlines passenger routes increased by 23.71% over the same period, the guest rate has dropped by 0.19%, may be the reason for the decline in profitability. In the first half of 2016 China Eastern Airlines achieved operating income of 46 billion 332 million yuan, an increase of 4.56%; net profit of $3 billion 233 million, down by 9.29%. Like the China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines international passenger kilometer revenue is also due to the large number of international routes opened in the first half, down 15.15%. While the eastern average fare (including fuel surcharge) reached 8.1%, is the largest of the three aircraft. Air China is also facing the same situation. In the first half of 2016, the international airline revenue per passenger相关的主题文章: