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This song touched millions of parents’ poetry, actually comes from a primary school student in Grade 6 – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) free resources

family education | parent-child picture book tasting manual morning, they holding mobile phone,…… I went to my mother’s head and said, "come on, I’m going to be late for school."! In the evening, they hold the phone,…… I went to my father’s head and said, "hurry up, write your homework."! Everyone else is going to have a second child, my parents do not, because they have a small son — mobile phone. …… This is a six year old student in Jiangsu, Changzhou, wrote a poem "cell phone". Although very simple, but the parents will be addicted to mobile phone, the child turned a deaf ear, even impatient attitude of the most incisive description for a time touched many parents heart, let us deep reflection: our children need companionship, and we need to take medicine". Yes, we must take medicine, but also the two. One is for amnesia, forget the responsibility of parents, forget to accompany the child’s time is short also remember that was in my circle of friends turned countless words: "Dad, you do not accompany me, I grew up." Triggered numerous users, especially for parents who are infinite emotion, and even heartache. When a small child, parents have to fight the cause, no time to take care of babbling babbling baby, tired a day back home, the child may have fallen asleep. Next, the child to kindergarten, primary school, in order to reduce the burden of the elderly, children are sent to school early in the morning, late at night back, homework, eat, sleep, rest, leave time and how many children? Wait for children in the junior middle school, the parents work is stable, no time rush for living, between you and the children, but also started to chat, the children will think you are annoying? The children have been reluctant to be the parents. Time will not go back, we must learn to cherish the time together with their children, do not waste every moment they grow and shine. So, please don’t play with the mobile phone, in front of the children brush circle of friends, spend more time with them, even for a few minutes, one minute. The company is not to talk about it, but to do their best to actually do. Accompany is not only in his side, but to feel with him, to share the feelings of each other. The second is in the "Rage" many parents and children is still put on a "Lao Tzu" attitude, always with a tone of command, do not control their emotions, and even anger in children. As everyone knows, parents more tough, more rebellious children. "Dad, you tell me the story book, I want to hear". "Oh, dad will tell you, you look at yourself". "No, Dad, I want to hear it now, you tell me". "For a while before you speak, I work tired." "I want to hear it now, you tell me… Tell me…" "Why are you so disobedient, bored, and gone?……" Life in this picture相关的主题文章: