Third national poverty alleviation day is coming Guizhou launched a series of public welfare mp7a1

The third poor day coming up   Guizhou launched a series of Public Projects – Guizhou channel: original title: Third National Poverty day approaching Guizhou launched a series of public projects in third poverty day is approaching, the provincial Party committee, Provincial Youth Development Foundation launched the "Hope Project of public welfare poverty large fund-raising action" activities it launched to raise funds more than 100 yuan. This event by Zhilv raised platform "," Project Hope lunch "online donation platform, take the network to raise public donations + conventional combination of modes to raise money. Launched a campaign, it will be the strong support of many caring companies, has raised more than 100 yuan of funds. It is understood that the funds raised will be used for the implementation of the "hope child garden", "hope lunch", "colorful Guizhou? Youth Green – Green Hope Project", "colorful Guizhou? A development project of public welfare fund" in the local youth innovation and entrepreneurship, from basic education facilities, preschool education and nutrition intervention ecological poverty, poverty alleviation, industry and so on, all help our province children happy and healthy growth, growth of juvenile, youth employment, poverty. It is reported that this year, the provincial Party committee, province QingJiHui public funds raised a total of nearly 120 million yuan, helped more than 11952 poor college students realize their dreams, build 13 hope primary school, hope that the canteen 2, hope Kitchen 4, planting 3700 acres of "gongxinglin", will be more than 1000 school-age children for hope lunch allowance. Next, the provincial Party committee, province QingJiHui will increase the fund-raising efforts in 20 extremely poor township and other poor areas, launched hope child garden reconstruction, love packs, preschool teacher training, allocation of preschool teaching equipment and other public projects, the full range of helping children grow up healthy and happy. Love people can log in love network () donated to the relevant public welfare projects. ((Xie Menghang): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章: