The vase mountain tunnel opened in 2018 to strive to Fuzhou Langqi only 20 minutes (video) helmet怎么读

The vase mountain tunnel opened in 2018 to strive to Fuzhou Langqi only 20 minutes of the Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog) September 19th news (reporter Qiu Quansheng correspondent Lin Ying Guo Ying Chen Nuan) yesterday, reporters from the leadership of the Fuzhou New Area Administrative Committee in Fuzhou district to carry out the "hundred days crucial research supervision activities learned, 104 National Highway Lianjiang section was changed to Jinan line works smoothly at present, the vase mountain tunnel excavation has been 700 meters, is expected next year through, and strive to complete at the end of 2018. By then, the people of Fuzhou from the city center only more than and 20 minutes drive to langqi. It is reported that the 104 National Highway Lianjiang section to Jinan modification project in Guantou town of Lianjiang County, 104 State Road guantouling tunnel Lianjiang side, Yang Qi Village, from north to south along the Shen Hai high-speed parallel layout, then has started construction of the Minjiang bridge Langqi wiring, after long handle, Sheng Mei, Xiang Yang, Dapu, in the west, across Shenhai expressway, the kang plate, Qian Yang, Nanyang Shan to wear under the vase, Xianggu finally 3rd Ring Rd. The use of two-way two-way six lane highway technical standards, design speed of 80 km. Also the news reporter yesterday from Luqiao Langqi company was informed that the Fuzhou hundred days crucial project, comprehensive project red lake landscape construction in Langqi concentrated poverty, and formed a "desk on the front line to solve the problem of the" working mode, actively promote the project, the Red Lake landscape comprehensive engineering levy has been completed 92.7%. (Fuzhou evening news (micro-blog)) related video: Yokohama, Japan launched amphibious sightseeing bus >相关的主题文章: