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The United States launched a new type of street light for street lamp street lamp is an essential lighting tool in our modern life, but at the same time to bring convenience to people, street lamps also consume a lot of electricity. Recently, the United States a new street lights. When walking in the streets of Las Vegas, Saint Louis, and Philadelphia, you may unconsciously charge for the street lights. British media reported that the three cities have been installed with solar panels, a new type of street lamp, the ground near the ground can absorb the kinetic energy generated by pedestrians walking and store up to automatically supply power to the street lights at night. In addition, the street lamp can also provide charging interface and wireless network. Design of street lamp start-up EngoPlant CEO Petar · Milo Vecchi said: "the traditional street lamp except what hold the light, but we give lampposts joined useful traits, turning it into a free service station, where people can rest, connect to a wireless network for mobile devices or charge." The company said that the current global more than 300 million streetlights, operating costs of $40 billion (about 272 billion 300 million yuan). They emit as much as 1 tons of carbon dioxide per year. This new type of street lamps do not need to spend electricity, but also completely environmentally friendly. It is expected that soon, the street lights will appear in Oman.相关的主题文章: