The United States and the United States is the most handsome B class car out of the new! Shift mode

The United States and the United States is the most handsome B class car out of the new! Shift the way is Diao- car Sohu Ford MengDiOu is many fans are very familiar with a mid size car, whether it is a generation Mondeo or new Mondeo, are very common in the street, but because of the new Mondeo tall on the Martin face, is more popular among consumers. But in the past three years, "Martin’s face" and also the handsome guys look tired, so at this year’s North American auto show, Ford launched a new Mondeo overseas edition models, take a look at how the new models! The new Mondeo is still used to design the face of Martin ", but the size is decreased and the shape is more sharp while using the honeycomb grille, stronger sense of movement; the headlight is replaced by the irregular designs, look more aggressive; beneath the fog with the bumper shape, so that the front looks more flat. The side of little change, keep cash coupe style, the style through the waist line directly from the headlamps through the front and rear door handle to the rear of the car, enhance the vehicle body feeling, and looked very tough, very American car feel. The tail compared to cash has changed, through the rear chrome trim and rear taillights integrated with LED lights, the new band, allowing the rear visual effect is more outstanding. Above the duck tail tail looked very familiar, very similar to the original winning style, it seems that Ford’s designers to be lazy. Below the exhaust bilateral four is expected to appear in the Sport version, it is worth mentioning that the "Fusion" label, which is the U.S. version of the Mondeo. In general, the new Mondeo will face sharp change to be more aggressive, the tail of the car changed more delicate, the overall temperament is still movement, reduce cash had rough American style, but also more in line with the aesthetic view now. Look at the interior, the new Mondeo interior styling is not much change, change the most worthwhile to say there are three points, the first is the new style of the dashboard, mid speed speedometer more sports, but the design of the inner and outer ring is not practical. The second is the use of SYNC? 3 system, this system has appeared in the domestic Fawkes, more intuitive and convenient operation by the riders. Power, the new Mondeo in addition to the existing 1.5T and 2.0T, but also added a 2.7T with V6 engine and Sport version of the plug-in is composed of 2.0L and motor hybrid version, hybrid version will be made in China, today introduced the Sport version of Uncle brick do not count on. In addition to Sport version equipped with a 325 horsepower V6 engine, with AWD AWD system, controllability and stability, making the big horsepower intermediate car has better Oh, look at the good. The domestic version of the new Mondeo is expected to be listed in the year, hybrid version of the model has been determined from the domestic, the declaration of view, although the domestic version of the new Mondeo canceled the tail design, but more sharp appearance, shift knob and some new elements, or the change of the medium-term is worth looking forward to!相关的主题文章: