The third China car (RV) camping conference at 洈 in October; the grand opening of the water-oboni

The third Chinese vehicle (RV) camping conference October in Taizishan grand opening by the State Sports General Administration, the Hubei Provincial Tourism Commission and the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, Jingzhou Municipal People’s Government of Hubei Province, Western Hubei eco cultural tourism circle Investment Limited (hereinafter referred to as: Hubei Tourism Investment) jointly organized by the third session of the China automobile (car) camping conference will be held on October 21st to 26 in the brigade vote under Hubei Jingzhou Taizishan scenic area held this activity for the vehicle (RV) camping enthusiasts and the vast majority of visitors to create a set of "academic seminar, forum, outdoor experience, sports health, leisure and entertainment as one of the delicious, fun, nice good, good entertainment, new tourism experience camp Carnival season. Taizishan camping conference highlights, seven wonderful theme, the ten major characteristics of China activities as the main line third car (RV) camping conference including the opening ceremony, the car (RV) camping tourism development forum, Rock Music Carnival experience, car car (RV) and household goods exhibition, exhibition for drunken beauty Taizishan dam running experience Jingchu culture festival, delicacy 7 wonderful theme, cool water, Lake High auto turn music, passion, star hotel hydrophilic wild luxury tents, sweet love fairy tree house cabin, air Huarong and delicacy delicious, joy, in the jungle, since the "tour" free 10 special activities. Taizishan scenic area as Hubei Tourism Investment Group’s first one according to the national five A-level standards to build the sports car camping camp. The camping Carnival to Taizishan scenic area as the core, the radiation surrounding the ancient city of Jingzhou, the Yangtze River Three Gorges, Qingjiang Gallery, Hongshan, Jiugongshan, Longzhong Scenic Area and other famous scenic spots, "a multi-core multi line mode, construction of eco cultural tourism circle in Western Hubei + sports + Internet plus…… The implementation of the tourism investment tourism regional similarities, landscape blending, tourism industry diversified development. October 1st ticket mode one-stop direct traffic, Internet plus the Taizishan, Songzi tourism scenic train will be opened, the first Jingzhou brigade jointly Investment Group Limited company, launched the "one-stop" tour bus service to Jingzhou Taizishan scenic area is a station directly. The event using the "Internet plus" sports intelligence service concept, to provide one-stop service online booking, mobile payment, intelligent navigation, self-help participants, real-time information, booking activities such as one of the. From October 21st to 26, the third Chinese vehicle (RV) camping conference tickets pre-sale registration work has been officially launched, WeChat public number ticket platform concern "China automotive RV camping assembly public complete navigation into the ticket ticket, barley net, Yongle net, poly travel network, the same way, Ctrip authority ticketing website synchronization pre-sale tickets. Wuhan, Jingzhou, Songzi, Jianli, Shishou, public security, Yichang, Jingmen, Xiantao, Changde and Lixian have set up shop sale site. Tickets organizing committee advisory telephone 0716-6582511. (correspondent Wang Ping) > > > extended information: Songzi Taizishan tourist routes and ticket information相关的主题文章: