The tenth Hefei Fair Tour Raiders highlights in this release

The tenth Hefei Fair Tour Raiders highlights released in this work Thuja "horse" after two days, the tenth Hefei International Cultural Expo will pull the curtain. This fair is by far the most comprehensive cultural industry in Hefei, the most complete, a tour is the most dazzling. High quality products to benefit ordinary people. "Put the Hefei fair into a populist carnival." This Fair Organizing Committee official said. From the first to the tenth session of the Hefei fair, has set up a culture of people, the convenience for benchmarking activities in the province". Fine parity selling cultural event, people’s festival." This is the Hefei fair the same slogan. Hefei fair organization called eight party guests, with boutique brands, more master to help out, and through a series of rich and colorful activities, the purpose is to let more people share the fruits of cultural development, to meet the basic cultural needs of the masses. A case study of national art exhibition in hall 8 and hall 6. No. 6 exhibition of jade, ceramics, paintings, fine sand, cultural souvenirs, hall 8, including master works exhibition, classical furniture exhibition and carving art exhibition, shown here are craft boutique, tens of thousands of varieties covering the national arts and crafts 11 categories of 65 species. Last year, an increase of 15% species; the number of goods increased by 50%. Also, the world famous electronic commerce headquarters launched the "custom series Huimin puree wine"; "happy post office" launch letters, express parcel, express delivery services such as EMS, with the post office cachet, happiness of this fair cachet, as long as the attention of WeChat, upload photos, you can create personalized postcards as a souvenir. At the same time, also provide regular delivery services and on-site booking tickets, bus tickets, or mobile phone calls etc.. Let the people, so that people get more benefits. Experience the activities of this fair, will bring you the hitherto unknown experience. On the interactive electronic games with the most popular young people, as many as a dozen games, as long as participation, have a gift. "Goldfish", "angry birds", "finger plate skipping" "the pot", "ceremony" and other activities, can send the corresponding cartoon stamp cover and small gifts. To say experience, can not be said to bring the "four children Jinnuo farming" discovery center. This special experience with "farming" as the main content, there are 3 main aspects of experience, "the growth of all things" through the interaction of different detection equipment audience action, and caused ecological change of weather, geography, plant and animal; "on the water", the traditional wooden waterwheel model has a brand of farming culture can not only watch, but also experience the fun of "treading water irrigation; pyrethroid champion", needless to say, the children can carry medicine for spraying insecticide. A Hefei version of Disney, said Wanda City text brigade will be opened, and in this fair, you can be another way to experience the fun of it. Organizers use 9D movies, interactive experience to show the main features of the movie Park, so that visitors feel the charm of the movie paradise immersive. To explore the fun fair, is a free macro相关的主题文章: