The store closures because of online shopping Electricity suppliers said, do not back pot face gossip

The store closures because of online shopping? The electricity supplier said "don’t back when the number of electric pot" can’t wait to open early this year "double 11 online shopping Carnival feast, but commercial entities in the autumn bleak in the more lonely. As a Beijing landmark commercial district rise, had ten in the glory of the fort shop Yokado shopping malls announced that it would stop the business in November 1st, the company 18 years old foreign department has been nearly 7 years without ever profit. Part of the city a large number of shopping malls vacant, 100 chain retail sales growth, profit margins decline, reduce labor…… Analysis of the industry, affected by rising labor costs, rent factors such as the rapid development of online shopping, the store operating pressure is increasing, and the blind expansion of "bubble", and the homogenization of serious, the retail industry will face more serious future closures". Retail "closures" hit "at that time to be particularly enjoyable Yokado shopping." About ten Beijing Libao Yokado stores, Miss Zhou is full of childhood memories, "home in Tongzhou, my father is going to ride one hour by car, take me to buy something yokado. In fact, Tongzhou also has shopping malls, but there is no "western style" yokado. Can play, can buy things, can eat the mall, at that time on this one." In 1998 ten Fort shop Yokado shopping malls in Beijing opened the first store in ten, fort area was only a residential area, due to the existence of Yokado shopping malls in the core, gradually developed into a circle. However, in recent years, under the impact of electricity providers, Yokado shopping malls in Beijing and have not been shut down shop. Currently, the home has 11 department stores of the old foreign department stores, only two stores and a food store in beijing. However, the remaining two stores in recent years has not been profitable. Huatang is not the only in Beijing frequently shut shop department stores. In ten Fort Xidan mall store is as early as in Yokado, in January of this year officially closed. Not long ago, Parkson group also announced that the Sun Palace shop. And the same is the Japanese AEON also adjust in China State layout, already closed is located in Chaoyang joy Department stores. In Wuhan, Optics Valley pedestrian street was known as the world’s longest pedestrian street". Since the 2008 opening of the street, just a few years, the total area of 417 thousand and 900 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1 million 500 thousand square meters, becoming one of the world’s longest commercial pedestrian street, the longest 1350 meters. However, the impact of electricity providers in the environment, a small part of the retail survival difficult, throughout September, Optics Valley pedestrian street traffic nearly 2 million less than in previous years, many businesses have shouted sustained losses, had to close thank. Not only Optics Valley pedestrian street, there are many commercial center in Wuhan is fading. After the lake new life Moore City, in addition to cinemas, supermarkets, home appliances and other fast-food main shop is still in business, 90% retail stores have been evacuated; located in the street of gold district in the future city shopping center, has already become "empty city", now in the street several brand stores, other all closed their doors; 27 Hankou Road East Shopping Park C2 fashion shopping plaza, retail format is almost the whole closed. China Chain Management Association released a report shows that Chengdu, Shenyang and other places.相关的主题文章: