The spring of 2017 working group ticket offer-ekdv-273

2017 Spring Festival workers group tickets run data Dalian Railway Station yesterday announced that the 2017 Spring Festival Party ticket has begun for migrant workers. The train ticket pre-sale period before the date from 60 days to 30 days for the adjustment, the working group ticket, the same unit reporting date control requirements within 3 days. According to the Dalian Railway Station, Dalian Railway Station for group tickets for ordinary workers, only two EMU train seat and seat ticket, train sleeper ticket and train ticket business, PL, etc. not for. Because of limited capacity, nervous tension, date trains may appear in short supply, may offer no seat ticket. When offering no seat tickets, for a ticket and no seat tickets must be carried out at the same time, when there is no seat ticket to give up, as to cancel the whole plan, the adjustment on the part of the station is right and trips, in contact with former managers and confirm. During the spring of additional temporary passenger trains are subject to the actual. More than 10 people booking tickets for all service enterprises can according to body tickets, each enterprise should designate a person responsible, responsible for the station ticket process to carry out supervision and inspection, if found false, reselling phenomenon, will be in charge of the unit and the responsibility, to cancel the qualification ticket. When taking the ticket, the person in charge of the booking of the enterprise shall carry the letter of introduction of the official seal, the copy of the identity card of the operator, the attachment 1 and the corresponding identity certificate of the passenger car (or photocopy). Enterprise management work group ticket refund request and change, responsible for handling, in accordance with the group ticket refund and change to designate a person to contact the station working groups of agencies, more than 48 hours before driving to the ticket hall on the first floor of the corresponding window for a refund or change group. The station received the return of migrant workers from January 13, 2017 to January 27, 2017, the company reported the planned time for the station issued a notice until the end of November 30, 2016. Reporter Zhao Yunying相关的主题文章: