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The nickel market "golden nine silver ten" market can be Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Customs data show that in 2016 1 to July China total imports of nickel ore and concentrate 14 million 420 thousand tons, of which imports from Philippines amounted to 13 million 790 thousand tons, accounting for 95.6% of total imports. 1 – July cumulative imports of nickel pig iron 554 thousand tons, of which imports from Indonesia to the amount of 391 thousand tons, accounting for about 71% of total imports. Philippines output for nickel laterite ore, domestic enterprises are mainly used in the production of nickel iron, stainless steel after sale to its production of stainless steel material factory. As the nickel pig iron contains no pig iron, the production of stainless steel is more economical than the nickel and pig iron, so the nickel pig iron in the domestic stainless steel plant is widely used. It will increase the intensity of the ban on mining in Indonesia, the major domestic iron nickel stainless steel plant in Indonesia factories, directly to the domestic exports of nickel pig iron. It China Indonesia NPI project production plan, December 10 – there will be a new pilot project, so Indonesia nickel pig iron exports in the short term is difficult to have a larger growth. If from Philippines’s imports of nickel ore imports increased the amount of nickel pig iron is blocked, can make up for the end parts of ore reduction, but not enough to compensate for the increased demand caused by the gap between supply and demand, coupled with the domestic existing inventory can not meet the daily production of nickel pig iron enterprises, downstream stainless steel plant will have to increase to the electrolytic nickel procurement, resulting in the price of nickel rose. Philippines nickel mine is divided into 4 regions, namely Surigao, Palawan and tawi tawi, zambales. There was no obvious Tawitawi, rain, wet and dry season of rain throughout the year; with Surigao, March 11 – October 5 – Sun Sheng; Palawan and Zambales area in the rainy season, will lead to shutdown and nickel mines can not be shipped. Before the Philippines speculation laterite, 8 mines were shut down in 4 located in Zambales region, 2 in the Palawan area. These 6 mines in July, in August will have been due to the rainy season can not be exported, so the environmental protection is a false proposition. From the historical data, the amount of imports of nickel ore from Philippines last year in July, after reaching a peak in August, imports will gradually decline, this is also confirmed from the side effects of rain on Philippines nickel ore exports. As of September 2nd, the domestic nickel ore port stocks total 14 million 790 thousand wet tons, equivalent to about 119 thousand tons of nickel metal. According to my estimates, in order to calculate the existing domestic nickel pig iron production, the existing nickel ore port stocks can only meet the domestic consumption of three or four months. If the "golden nine silver ten" during the stainless steel consumption has been boosted, the strong performance in the season, will accelerate the consumption of nickel ore inventory. Fundamentals are expected to improve last month, the central environmental Inspectorate has been stationed in 8 provinces and autonomous regions, to carry out a month of environmental inspectors work. Today, the environmental protection inspector near the end, with greatly affected Jiangsu and Inner Mongolia nickel iron works have been produced, late nickel demand will gradually rise. Coupled with the G20 summit in Hangzhou相关的主题文章: