The new world version of ancient miracles today to restart world barcarolle

"The new world" version of ancient miracles today to restart world ancient miracles emergent world, countless treasures triggered bloody! "The world (micro-blog)" new version of "ancient miracles" on the line today, you restart the world! With the new version of the ancient signs of a new battlefield, the kingdom of God, the new architectural design and frost fire land, a new copy of your experience! Super high reward feedback, super property growth in today’s ancient signs"! [the new battlefield] – Ancient miracles suddenly appeared on the continent of Atlantis "ancient miracles", not only contains many mysterious treasures, also was the ancient animal guardian. Although the BOSS layers of strict dangerous, but it did not stop the warriors to explore treasure footsteps. After entering the miracle, the warriors need to choose the limited time to explore the scene, will enter the fierce competition after entering the PVP, only the strength of the brave warriors in the end to capture the BOSS treasure. [ancient miracles] "ancient miracles" challenge rules every Monday, Wednesday, Friday the battlefield within the specified time, grade 120 and above in 4 warriors can sign up through line [military zone] at the Atlantis – Tamas, atreus. The same scene each alliance can enter up to 3 members, each battlefield open players can choose only one scene, more than open time will not be able to enter or return to the scene. At the same time, in order to ensure the fairness of the scene before the battlefield, the 10 layer is also arranged for additional protection mechanism, has a strong warrior will not be able to enter the title of king. In order to give back to the public to challenge the warriors, in the battlefield to kill every one of the BOSS and mobs that have the opportunity to get the latest equipment materials. In addition, the warriors choose the higher the difficulty of the scene, the greater the difficulty of the challenge of BOSS, while the rewards will be more lucrative. Please warriors according to their own strength, reasonable choice of battlefield difficulty. The new pattern of the kingdom of heaven: [] "ancient miracles" with the new version of the line, "the world" will also appear many new buildings in the kingdom of god. The construction of the masters of Atlantis by virtue of superior ability, not only have these architectural drawings depicted, but also found that the pattern of a combination of rules can also enhance the property for the warrior. In the new version of men want a go, how can you miss this good opportunity to enhance combat capability, immediately launched a comprehensive collection of architectural drawing, enhance the strength. [new fires] – copy cream with "the world" continued exploration of the warriors, "an island of ice and fire, the coexistence of wonders Frostfire" was found. Here the compatibility of ice and fire, has broken the secular understanding, but also gave birth to a number of people have never been recognized by the mysterious creatures, and has a rare material to produce new equipment. "Frost of the fire," the daily fixed time in the 5 line [Atlantis – port] entry, each open only 5 minutes, you want to go to the challenge of the warriors, please do not miss the advance. The 130 level is greater than or equal to the warriors can team up to the stage, the copy will have two teams at the same time to enter the fast, clean their monster and BOSS road team will win the final challenge of BOSS rights, and according to the results to obtain the corresponding reward challenge. In addition, the frost of fire, the maelstrom, the gods!相关的主题文章: