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The new season 5 position: who will be the successor of Kobe to blockbuster blowout? McCollum ancient Rome philosopher Seneca said that luck is when the opportunity comes ready. In the NBA arena, a player in order to make a leap like performance also need to comply with the above statement, last season Blazers defender C.J. McCollum in the team after 4 starters played out in one fell swoop worth, harvest season when most improved player of the year award. The new season is coming, which players are also ready for the opportunity? Guard: Denis · Schroder Teague left, Schroder officially sits on Atlanta No. 1 in the top spot, but he is not in the new season before the start of Everything is going smoothly. Just a few days before the start of the Hawks’ training camp, he sprained his ankle in training with his teammates, which made him miss the first few teams. The trainer told me to rest for a few days, do not give too much pressure on the ankle. When training camp in my ankle some pain, so they let me stop the wounds, feel completely restored after I rest for three days." Schroder said in an interview before the start of the preseason. The first pre-season games against the Grizzlies, Schroder seems no signs of injury, he had 9 points and 3 rebounds in 17 minutes with 3 assists and 1 steals, helping the team to 104 to 83 victory over the opponent. For him, the opportunity is that he will have more time to play and higher utilization. 2015-16 season, the starting point guard Geoff · Schroder Teague, play games all the time just over 20 minutes, but he can already get 11 points and 4.4 assists. The new year, Atlanta and Howard will become the Germans make only superficial changes, the new fire team, his personal data is bound to the rapid upgrade. SG: German · Booker "I added some weight in the summer, so I make more use of their body, people have begun to understand me, they told me the defense will be more aggressive. So when I’m shooting, I’ll be on the penalty line and keep scoring." Booker said in an interview, and he did it. The three preseason games, the first game in the free throw line’s 8 penalty 19 points in second games he again 6 penalty 6, when third games against the Blazers, Booker only 4 shots, but this is because he can hit a shot, that he voted 15 to 23 in the off 34 points. Last season the Booker to get playing time must be looking forward to Brad Alfonso knight or injured, and the fact that he also seized the opportunity, he had excellent performance in March with back-to-back 30+, which made him became the most outstanding rookie last year outside. The new season, the boss has let it be let sit the Booker starting performance has not reached the age of 20 years who is probably playing amazing second years. Small forward: Bojan · Norwich Norwich early Bogda Bogda ready, throughout the summer, he with the exception of Croatia national team in the Olympic Games, has also been the assistant Chris &mid.相关的主题文章: