The naked backstage transaction data tonight to take double 11″ glory; true champion ” technol

The "naked" backstage transaction data tonight to take double 11" glory; true champion " – Sohu technology background to open ten glory night streaking last night, once a year the double eleven electricity supplier war broke out again, the data is refreshed frequently. However, in the mobile phone manufacturers, less than double eleven, contest already started, about five o’clock in the evening, after the glory of micro-blog sun explosion (this is the list of conventional tactics), resorted to tactics, the glory of mobile phone in micro-blog brand President Zhao Ming suddenly announced that in order to resist the double eleven brushes, and will be invited to the authority throughout the broadcast media glory official flagship store eleven double transaction data. This hand Zhao Ming is still quite beyond all expectations, because this is flashed a double-edged sword, not only exposed the industry unspoken rule, challenge the competition and restrict themselves in brush unilateral play, sealed their retreat, the glory is to rely on their own initiative live real trading volume to the challenge black opponents may, will not die? But 11 days after the first batch of zero burst data show that in real time trading shops open case, still break the record achieved glory mobile phone sales list first, and fourth of the total global sales achievement list. To store transaction data of glory "streaking" emboldened come from? In fact, Zhao Ming had the courage to honor real-time transaction data behind far beyond reveal to the public, in addition to double eleven night, deep reasons from the glory itself and the development of the industry: first, double eleven glory performance is to reflect the whole background of the mobile phone industry this year mobile phone industry is a reshuffle, Apple shares fell. Millet cliff fall, Samsung by the explosion incident low-spirited, which gave a budding Internet mobile phone brand opportunity to break up. This point from the September mobile phone sales ranking data can be seen. Data show that in September apple Chinese brand share fell below the two figure, share only 9%, down 7%; the glory of good performance, brand share reached 6%; millet accounted for 4%, cliff fall down 40%. The situation is worse than millet, Samsung is of course, because the new product explosion has affected the entire brand, leading to Samsung mobile phone fell across the board, in Chinese brand market share of only 6%, sales fell 41%. It can be said that the eleven double sales performance of glory, is a reflection of the whole mobile phone industry background, and the reasons behind it, on the one hand is the glory is HUAWEI’s flagship channel Internet mobile phone brand, double eleven is a business day, therefore, to give full play to its glory in the electricity supplier channels to promote the potential. On the other hand, it is the glory of the consumer in order to worry about the quality of the mobile phone is precisely known for the quality of the city. Coupled with this year’s glory and innovation eleven play, pre do a lot of work on the promotion of the brand, which makes the glory of the mobile phone industry as a whole changes in the background of a brand full of imagination. Second, the glory of the eleven double play innovation this year, the theme of glory is the glory of the year 11.11, on the glory of the new machine, the gameplay can be simple to return to innovation.相关的主题文章: