The man who killed 2 women in marriage to sell the body with profit (Figure) 特命战队go busters

The man who killed 2 women in marriage to sell the body with profit (Figure) with marriage, has to "kill to sell the body to the point! According to media reports, Gansu from April 2, 2016 to 13, a man suspected of killing two women, and to make money from northern Shaanxi with marriage, sell the body at present, the suspect Ma Chonghua approved the arrest, the police are investigating the case. About more than and 20 years ago, my grandmother back with her mother in mothering, to climb a mountain, from the side of the road to my grandmother in the meantime, there is a village in the cemetery, the mother walked to me with the guidance of the Grandpa cemetery, somehow, she suddenly said, do not know if there is with no marriage did not, at that time, I was still small, do not understand what is marriage, but remember the word marriage. A few years ago, I was a famous Shaanxi city newspaper, one day to see colleagues a manuscript, said someone somewhere in Northern Shaanxi crazy tomb exhumation, get jittery – thieves steal not just died of the tomb, but the young woman’s graveyard, then, after cleaning the body selling to other places with marriage, at this time, I came to understand that marriage is to marry the dead. Because these years, relatives of the mouth and many news reports, many times to see "ghosts", so I first heard "marriage" that kind of feeling has faded with hair standing on end, a lot, but I never thought, Shaanxi "with ghosts", will eventually evolve into a man the living will be killed, and then took the body to "marriage", profiteering. "No matter how long the inheritance, bad habits or bad habits, not because of its traditional would not sit idly by." If the examination is not the traffic police in April 19th this year, Wu Qi, Gan M stopped a car license, I’m afraid who also unexpected, "marriage" has already evolved so evil. That is to say, "marriage" in Northern Shaanxi has experienced such a development process: long ago by the family of the deceased related "marry", then someone out of interest crazy grave selling body "with marriage", eventually evolved into the murder "with marriage," Lou Xi on this step by step evolution for sin. The northeast side of the ravine Qu village is filled with large and small caves, this is Ma Chonghua’s crime. In 2011, farmers in Yanchuan County in Northern Shaanxi Province Pang Xinming together with people in Shaanxi, Yanan, Tongchuan, Weinan and other places, in just four months of continuous excavation of 10 female, one of the oldest dead at the age of 89. Then, through the "body beauty", forged certificates, death certificates from the hospital body etc., the body will buy Northern Shaanxi, Shanxi and other places with marriage, then, Pang Xinming has only been sentenced in two years and eight months. This crazy crime, the staggering profits, after the incident being punished again only in two years and eight months, is a high return and low risk, those criminals who do not try it? The movie "return to", Zhao Benshan Trinidad back dead for a friendship, but in Northern Shaanxi, corpse Trinidad often means horror and evil. This marriage began to abuse before the Han Dynasty, from the "Zhouli" start Kai相关的主题文章: