The man was sentenced to 1 years in prison for the first time to increase fans live bombing thinkpad s230u

The man in order to increase fans live fried mall trial was sentenced to 1 years imprisonment in Beijing – Xi’an, 28 August, (China Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Sun Haihua) in order to increase fans to their own, Shaanxi city in Xi’an Province, a man released a live video, threatened to blow up the shopping center. Recently, Shaanxi Province, Xi’an Yanta District People’s court hearing the case, the man was sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years. On the evening of November 6, 2015 at 7 o’clock, the netizen Wang released a video through the network, said he wanted to fry floor. In the video, Wang said: "we see no, this is the SEG (Xi’an City, a shopping center – reporters note), they cover the floor did not give me notice. I’m going to blow up the building at 12 this evening……" After the video release, immediately attracted onlookers. Not long after, Wang began to live video: "I am now 10 SEG building, no ten billion, I put down my brother." "Look, that’s it. It’s blown up tonight." "The guys are all ready. They’re just gonna fire." 3 consecutive video released on the Internet, becoming more, also attracted the attention of Xiaozhai Road police station area. The police station the night police organization, on the merits of Mopai, and the investigation of suspicious items seg. In the police nervous investigation, the man has released a video: "see, SEG compromise, gave me one hundred billion……" According to the man’s practical joke, Xi’an Yanta District People’s court hearing the case recently. During the trial, Wang confessed: he is doing micro business, through WeChat mobile phone sales. The night of the murder, he passed the SEG, spur of the moment, want to engage in a creative to improve attention, attract some fans. As a result, he shot 4 consecutive video on the Internet, a short time, the video click rate of over twenty thousand. He sent fifth video, said the matter, so far". On the court, Wang said in court repentance, said he did not want to blow the idea of seg. According to the Supreme People’s court "on the fabricated deliberately spreading false terrorist information crime judicial interpretation", resulting in airports, stations, terminals, shopping malls and other crowded places disorder, or take emergency evacuation measures; the public security and armed police, fire, health and quarantine departments to take emergency measures to deal with the situation, identified as fabricated crime of intentionally spreading false terrorist information. Yanta District People’s court held that the defendant Wang fabricate explosive threats and spread false terrorist information, seriously disrupting social order, constituted the crime of fabricating terrorist information, sentenced to imprisonment for 1 years.相关的主题文章: