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The man for his girlfriend head 5000 dollars to others after being pulled black original title: students can not tell his girlfriend 5000 other girls to head after being pulled black recently, there is a message to the "micro Youfa lawyer came to help. His name is Ke, 22 years old, a sophomore in a university in Hangzhou. Xiao Ke said, because his face blind, accidentally transferred to a stranger on the money to WeChat, and now the other side to pull him black…… This is not just the beginning of the school, the girlfriend said she had a bad old computer, want to buy a new one, I will use WeChat to turn her 5000 dollars in the past, the results did not see the head, hand shaking turned wrong." Xiao Ke and his girlfriend is a distant love, usually by WeChat contact. He said his own WeChat chat records deleted more frequently, the girlfriend’s head and often in the change, this is not the first time a mistake. The object of the wrong turn money, like WeChat avatar and Xiao Ke’s girlfriend, the hair is long, oval face, big eyes of the self. After the money turned over, she did not say a word, silently accepted, and then pull the black Xiao Ke. When Xiao Ke turned until the circle of friends to react, look carefully, the money is just a girl talk to strangers, have never seen each other’s name and phone he don’t know. In fact, and Xiao Ke has a similar experience and a lot of people, WeChat brings us convenience, but also brought a lot of oolong and embarrassment. In December last year, there are news reports, a bear children because they did not complete homework on time by the parents to learn, even the father’s nude sent to the class parents group, was a netizen comments strength pit father". Reporters in his WeChat circle of friends asked in a circle, found that almost 80% of my friends have had to send the wrong message or red envelopes "embarrassed". Xiao Zhou, 28 years old, a clerk in the Real Estate Company. She said that the end of last month, the three friends go to the movies, because it is one of the husband treat, we called him "master". At that time the film has fast opening, the owner has not arrived yet, she can’t wait, just send a WeChat in the past: "master, you come back, bought a movie ticket." As a result, when the hair did not look carefully, even sent to a customer on the phone, or even a face has not seen the male customers! Soon, the other replied: "when your husband really happy." Xiao Zhou said, when super embarrassed, hastened to explain, WeChat is sent to a friend, he was single. Unexpectedly, the other immediately followed by a sentence: I am single." "It’s a disgrace." Xiao Zhou answered a giggle expression, did not dare to continue to talk with each other. Xiao Huang, 32 years old, civil servants. He said that WeChat is the busiest time in the new year, some usually do not contact relatives, friends will send each other blessing messages. This year’s Spring Festival, his wife asked him to red envelopes, thinking about a long time did not give his wife to buy a gift, and he was ready to look romantic, a big red envelope. "Maybe I was the point when someone sent a message, and so I finished a look, only to find his wife’s WeChat in the following line, I sent her a red envelope on the man." Huang hurried to see if there are any withdrawal function, can not wait for him on Jun相关的主题文章: