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Writing Most of the publishing consumers of the modern era are interested in fast paced stories and Dan Brown provides them just that. The Lost Symbol follows the story of The Da Vinci Code directly with Dan Brown retaining the same protagonist, Robert Langdon who mysteriously appreciates art while he is on the run from unknown people after his life (we are not sure). Dan Brown has finally shown to the world that literary success can be achieved without writing about witches or vampires. Gruesome Beginning While waiting for the book, interested readers needed to spend countless hours while running on caffeine so they could lay their hands on their copy of the book as early as possible. In the beginning of the book, the protagonist Robert Langdon has to speak in a conference where he has been invited by a character (his friend and mentor) who has to die in the beginning of the book itself (just like the previous book). Instead of addressing the conference, he faces a murder scene where there are gruesome and terrifying scenes. Obviously, the protagonist is irritated beyond thought. The Investigation Starts Once the initial irritation subsides, Robert Langdon decides to investigate the matter, and the circumstances that led to this murder. Before the book was released, there was a rumour among the readers the book predominantly dealt with freemasonry (especially in relation to Washington), and its true. The famous works of art around Washington are full of symbolism (the author says so) and the protagonist decodes them efficiently. The central secret of The Lost Symbol is so good its not possible for us to spoil it, youll have to read the book for that. Too Long a Gap between the Two Books The setting of the novel is such that it sets it in direct competition with National Treasure Films (they are also making similar films, almost). The author Dan Brown may have lost some momentum due to the long gap he had between The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. In fact, many of his imitators are also succeeding in the same market, operating the same way, but they havent got the eye for details as Dan Brown has. His knowledge of the famous historical sites is also unmatched and the way he develops his stories sets him apart from others trying to be like him. Gripping Tension in All the Scenes The most obvious villain who attempts to thwart the efforts of Robert Langdon all the time is Mal akh but the real villain cannot be disclosed (it will be a spoiler again). As an author, Dan Brown has a special gift, he can instill a sense of tension in all the scenes he writes. At times, Dan Brown attempts to lighten the scenes but he is not a natural at it. The Pace of the Book Hides Weaknesses The story of the book is so fast even the weaknesses of the book get slightly concealed. But then if you are writing so many interesting pages, you can only be thanked for coming up with yet another masterpiece. About the Author: The author Prasoon Kumar works for which is the leading online bookstore that offers all the current and all time great titles at never before prices. Dan Brown comes up with yet another masterpiece called The Lost Symbol. Grab your copy of the book at huge discount only at ..uread../book/lost-symbol-the-dan-brown/9780552161237 Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: