The latest research points of Shandong Wendeng Taoism Taoism and Qilu Local Society International

The latest research points of Shandong Wendeng Taoism Taoism and Qilu Local Society International Symposium on closing Wendeng news Tencent Daoism (clouds) on October 22, 2016 to 23 in Shandong, Wendeng held "Taoism and the local society of Qilu International Symposium on twelve domestic and foreign research field of Quanzhen Taoism top experts and scholars on Quanzhen sect the inheritance and development of religious activities, the specific content in the form of religious activities, and local social economy and public life, founder of Quanzhen practice people stories and contribution, in-depth discussion of a half day. Professor Zhang Guangbao of Peking University professor Zhang Guangbao to speak Jinyuan change during the period of the new Taoist papers of Yuan Dynasty "Songshan Chongfu Palace" on the basis of Quanzhen Taoist mountain heritage inscriptions materials such as the Yuan Dynasty Songshan Chongfu palace into Quanzhen conducted a series of research, in-depth understanding of the Yuan Dynasty Taoism development mode, as well as important in Song Dynasty the royal palace to Chongfu Temple active Quanzhen sects, complete history of sectarian conversion. Professor Zhang Guangbao pointed out in the report, Quanzhen real breakthrough development, is in qiuchuji miles west to the patriarch, Gen Gi Khan, after obtaining authorization in Mongolia state in the influence of religion, religious leaders as Qiuzu Taoism is not limited to. This is the one and only in the world history of religion, but also for the Quanzhen breakthrough development provides a reliable political guarantee. The Mongolia imperial system change, and debate about the matter has been described for the posterity in sorrow and therefore not only be inopportune or inappropriate, not recorded in the literature to teach foreign matter, teach in the literature have been changed, the Zhang Guangbao talk ambiguously, the historical facts of the textual research. Professor Liu Xun Liu Xun, director Chinese Research Center at Rutgers University in the US for a "Jinyuan period too: activities and religious heritage" report, according to the research of mainstream since modern times and generally accepted several viewpoints questioned. As a new Taoism too is based on loyalty Tingzhi allegiance to the Song Dynasty, the default does not cooperate with the new Mongolia Jurchen Dynasty, Professor Liu Xun against real and historical evidence depends only on the emotion of nationalism and imagination to explain the phenomena of history, advocated the combination of social background at that time, Taoism and other contemporary ethical society benefit objective to treat the historical records of the new Taoism specific religious rituals, in addition, should give full consideration to the new Taoist religious organization after a long period of development, has not ignored its local political and social power, relationship between the court and the new Jinyuan Taoist community also is the so-called "drop of" so simple. Sichuan University Institute of Taoism and religious studies professor Gai Jianmin participate in the discussion of Professor Fan Guangchun affirmed the value of research, Professor Zhang Guangbao of the title in the comments he said, Taoism does not just happen in the study, should pay attention to how it evolved on the basis of old Taoist ". At present, the study on Wang Chongyang and Taoism and the situation of world education development after the northern Quanzhen Taoism how to Taoism also do enough, hope Taoist scholars continue to explore this information. Professor Fan also pointed out that Professor Liu Xun proposed a ruling group too and related issues, is also a problem in the study of Taoism, the personal feelings of nationalism, imposed on the calendar.相关的主题文章: