The interior appearance changes new refine S3 real car to the shop zghd

The interior appearance changes new refine S3 real car to the shop before we advance shot to the new S3 (ginseng, refine pictures, inquiry) (officially called the third generation, refine S3) new car with a new exterior and interior design, and in September 2nd the opening of the Chengdu auto show debut. Appearance, the car uses a JAC’s new family front face, Dazui grille has a higher degree of recognition, change new fog triangle design, front bumper styling to a more dynamic. The new S3 refine front grille chrome larger, black honeycomb net mesh size compared to cash models have increased, the overall effect is more straightforward. On the side, the new S3 retains the current model design, but with a new style of the rim. Changes in the tail is reflected in some details, such as the taillights of the lamp group, through the chrome trim, license plate shape, etc.. New car interior part, mainly used the red and black collocation, great changes have taken place in the console model, use the LCD screen 10 inch independent type, barrel type instrument panel is different with the current model. The new S3 is still used to refine the former Mcpherson independent suspension with stabilizer and non independent torsion beam suspension. According to different configuration, the new car is equipped with electronic stability system, electric sunroof, reversing video, cruise control. The power part, the new refine S3 with a 1.6L engine to replace the previous 1.5L engine, the maximum power of 120 horsepower, matching the 6 speed manual transmission and CVT transmission system. One manual block models of the Ministry of integrated fuel consumption of 6.5L 100km.相关的主题文章: