The incidence of lung cancer exceeds 4 million 290 thousand in China last year — Sohu news sichen

Last year China over 4 million 290 thousand new cancer cases of lung cancer incidence rate in the top – Sohu news lung cancer incidence and death at the top of the incidence of thyroid cancer growth accelerated Guangzhou daily news (reporter Ren Shanshan correspondent Huang Jinjuan, Ou Xiaofang) yesterday was the world cancer day, the theme of "we can, I can conquer cancer". Recently, the well-known international journal of academic journal "cancer clinicians" (CA) released from the National Cancer Registry of the "2015" China cancer statistics data and analysis. China has 4 million 292 thousand new cancer cases and 2 million 814 thousand cancer deaths last year, according to the data. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer morbidity and mortality, followed by gastric cancer, esophageal cancer and liver cancer. In China, cancer has become the leading cause of death. Data show that China’s male five most common tumors were lung cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, liver cancer and colorectal cancer, together accounted for 23 of all cancer cases; the most common female cancer in breast cancer, lung cancer, gastric cancer, colorectal cancer and esophageal cancer, accounting for all cancer cases 60%, among them, breast all female cancer cancer accounted for 15%. The five most common cancer deaths in men and women were lung cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer and colorectal cancer, accounting for 34 of all cancer deaths. Zhongshan University cancer center, director of the Department of thoracic surgery in Lung Cancer Research Institute Professor Long Hao pointed out that in the past twenty years, the clinical see obvious change of lung cancers: lung cancer and squamous cell carcinoma is highly related to smoking or passive smoking from the past accounted for 50% of the total was significantly reduced, now accounts for about 60% of lung cancer is adenocarcinoma. The pathogenesis of adenocarcinoma is considered closely related to environmental pollution". In the past, most of the patients admitted to head and neck surgery were laryngeal cancer. Now, 1/3 of the patients are thyroid cancer." Head and neck cancer center, Zhongshan University Professor Song Ming said that the incidence of thyroid cancer from 2003 all the way up. Song Ming believes that there are both extensive physical examination screening "contribution", but also related to lifestyle changes. Foreign studies have found that head and neck tumors are more sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. "We are in the era of seamless connectivity of mobile networks, and the radiation intensity of each electrical device may be small, but the impact of the total overlay is difficult to estimate." Song Ming said.

我国去年新发癌症超429万例 肺癌发病率居榜首-搜狐新闻  肺癌居发病率和死因榜首 甲状腺癌发病率加速增长   广州日报讯 (记者任珊珊 通讯员黄金娟、欧晓芳)昨天是世界癌症日,主题为“我们能,我能战胜癌症”。近日,国际知名学术期刊《临床医师癌症杂志》(CA)发表了来自国家肿瘤登记中心的《2015年中国癌症统计》数据及分析。数据显示,中国去年有429.2万例癌症新发病例和281.4万例癌症死亡病例。其中肺癌高居癌症发病率和死因首位,胃癌、食管癌和肝癌紧追其后。   在我国,癌症已经成为疾病死因之首。数据显示,我国男性五种最常见肿瘤依次为肺癌、胃癌、食管癌、肝癌和结直肠癌,加起来占所有癌症病例的2 3;女性最常见肿瘤依次为乳腺癌、肺癌、胃癌、结直肠癌和食管癌,占所有癌症病例的60%,其中,乳腺癌占所有女性癌的15%。男性和女性肺癌、胃癌、肝癌、食管癌和结直肠癌五种最常见癌死亡病例占所有癌死亡病例的3 4。   中山大学肿瘤防治中心胸外科主任、中大肺癌研究所所长龙浩教授指出,近二十年来,临床看到的肺癌种类出现明显变化:和吸烟或被动吸烟高度相关的肺癌鳞状细胞癌从过去占总量的50%明显减少,如今肺癌病人中约占六成的是腺癌,而腺癌的发病机制被认为“与环境污染关系密切”。   “过去头颈外科收治的病人主要是喉癌,现在有三分之一的病人是甲状腺癌。”中山大学肿瘤防治中心头颈科宋明教授表示,甲状腺癌的发病人数从2003年起一路蹿升。宋明认为,这其中既有体检超声筛查广泛开展的“贡献”,也和生活方式改变有关。   国外有研究发现,头颈部肿瘤对电磁辐射较敏感。“我们身处‘移动网络无缝连接’的时代,每种电器的辐射强度或许很小,但总量叠加产生的影响很难估计。”宋明说。相关的主题文章: