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The first civilian respirator GB implemented next month to tell you how to choose the mask in new network Beijing on 31 October, (Qiu Yu) winter approaching, haze weather occurred frequently, how to choose a safe mask to become a concern for many people. In November 1st, China’s first civilian respirator for national standard "technical specification for daily protection type mask" (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") will be formally implemented, the standard of fine particulate matter (PM2.5) safety protection effect and wear made clear. Mask market chaos: exaggerated imitation brand in the filtration efficiency of the "norm" before the implementation, not a specific protective mask related standards of ordinary people. At present, our country about the mask standard "respiratory protective equipment self absorption filter particle respirator masks" "technical requirements", "surgical masks", but belongs to the labor protection and medical protection standards. Recently, the reporter in Jingdong, Tmall and other electronic business platform to anti fog and haze masks for keyword search found that the implementation of different brand masks different standards. Some of the above domestic standards, some of the implementation of foreign standards, as well as some masks have not been marked. Many masks in the eye-catching position of the packaging printed on the filter efficiency". But the media exposed this month, a supermarket in Beijing several declared that "the high removal rate of more than 90%" mask after testing, the actual removal rate of only 30% to 40%. According to the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau disclosed in March this year, according to Shanghai city from production enterprises, entity shop and shop sales of 69 batches of samples were detected, the lowest filtration efficiency of 54 batches of masks below 90%, 28 batches of masks containing carcinogenic formaldehyde. In addition to the standard is not unified, quality standards, the market still exists problem of brand masks. Guangzhou good cat Polytron Technologies Inc marketing director Cheng Xiqing for many years engaged in the purchase and sale of masks, he said, at present according to the best-selling brand of high imitation products on the market, even experienced sales are unable to discern the true and false." The national standard will be divided into four masks masks will be listed in the implementation of the specification or will improve the market for civil protective masks can not be subject to the phenomenon of. According to the standard, the protection level of the mask from low to high grade four: D, C, B, a, respectively, corresponding to different air quality. For example, a corresponding "serious pollution", the PM2.5 concentration of 500 micrograms per cubic meter use; D level corresponding to "moderate and less pollution, is suitable for the concentration of PM2.5 is less than or equal to 150 micrograms per cubic meter. "Standard" on the mask packaging, identification and storage and transportation has strict requirements, including the requirements of the logo "product protection effect level" and "implementation of the standard number" and so on. Chinese Textiles Industry Association, led the drafting of the "standard", the vice president of the association Li Guimei in an interview with reporters in the new network, the standard of 15 indicators, from the decision on product safety, health and protection of three aspects. And refer to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", the toxic and harmful substances are also strictly相关的主题文章: