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Quit-Smoking Q. How is the electronic cigarette used? A. The electronic cigarette (e-cig) is a battery powered device that provides a realistic option to smoking tobacco. It is powered with a little rechargeable battery which functions to convey a nicotine vapour to the user when he or she takes a draw. Though it gives the appearance that the smoker is breathing out smoke, in reality, it’s merely risk-free water vapour. Q. Does the electronic cigarette seem like a tobacco cigarette? A. Yes. Even the tip radiates a believable red colour when the user draws in. Within On the inner part the e-cig is an apparatus that turns the liquid nicotine in the replaceable cartridge into an inhalant vapour that duplicates tobacco smoke. Q. Is the electronic cigarette conditional upon the smoking ban? A. No. The smoking ban is in reference to lighted tobacco materials. The electronic cigarette is created from plastic and doesn’t involve any tobacco. This indicates the user can "light up" just about anywhere: pubs, air planes, restaurants, workplaces, hospitals…the list goes on and on! Q. Will the blown out vapour linger similar to cigarette smoke? A. No, it dissipates rapidly within seconds — and is almost odourless. Q. How long can the nicotine cartridge inside an electronic cigarette be used? A. The cartridge is the same as about 15 cigarettes and .es in different strengths including zero strength. You can gradually refrain from your nicotine consumption, if you have a desire to, by employing sequentially lighter strength cartridges. Q. Does that mean the e-cig is a smoking cessation aid? A. Maybe. Although you can do away with your nicotine consumption with an electronic cigarette, you should not regard it as a stop smoking device. It’s simply a less harmless substitute for the many threats of smoking cigarettes. Q. How is the electronic cigarette powered? A. The e-cig has a rechargeable battery. The starter kit has a charger and emergency battery, so you’ll always have a charged battery in your e-cig. Q. What tells me when to charge my battery? A. Once the indicator light at the tip end of the e-cig flashes, the battery has to be recharged. All you have to do is put in the unused one and recharge the low one. Q. What about the cost? A. Electronic cigarettes are much less expensive than tobacco cigarettes. Dependent upon the quantity of tobacco cigarettes you smoke every day, you might save as much as 1200 per year for a 20 cigarette per day 1.Some smokers can save up to 80% by switching to the electronic cigarette. Q. How do turn the electronic cigarette on? A. Simply put the e-cig to your lips and inhale. Inhalation activates the device and transforms the liquid nicotine contained in the cartridge into a mist. When you’re not inhaling, the battery does not lose its charge. It engages only upon inhalation. Q. How does the electronic cigarette taste? A. 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