The Dark

I believe there is a flip side to The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. Her material is wonderful, but she misses an important point: there is a dark secret that prevents us from experiencing all the good we so righfully deserve. We can have a healthier, happier life if we are willing to choose the Positive. However, this process poses significant challenges for us and our culture. We are living in times of wondrous opportunity and great folly. The world still looks to America for hope, direction, and solutions. America remains a land of majestic beauty, a beacon of unlimited opportunity, prosperity, and abundance. But America stands before us transfixed by the rhythm of automobile engines, entangled by a war of liberation and retaliation, surrounded by a haze of unnatural vapor and murky waters, mesmerized by the soothing images on color television sets and personal computers. See the flashing lights; hear the wailing sirens of ambulances racing through our city streets to remove the bodies of children playing drug war games. Look at the women unsafe from attack while jogging in city parks or strolling through neighborhood parks or even office corridors. Youngsters are assaulted by gunman in schools, airport terminals, and McDonald Restaurants. Robbers steal and prey on the unsuspecting in subway stations, private homes or parking lots. Meanwhile, numerous high school graduates can’t read or write, and many college graduates can’t find decent jobs. More of the clergy break their vows and end up in court or prison. Half of all eligible voters in our country rarely vote. Millions of Americans who work, struggle to meet their basic needs for food, shelter, clothing and medical care. Forty-four million Americans don’t have healthcare insurance. More than half of our bankruptcy claims are due to overwhelming healthcare costs; yet our political system passes laws to make filing Chapter 7 even more difficult. In the last year alone, a million people have joined the ranks of the poor. The mentally ill and our homeless continue to overwhelm local social service networks. Medicaid and prison costs threaten the solvency of state governments. Furthermore, mass media floods us with the uneasy images of emaciated third-world children, assassinations, terrorist bombings, casualties of war, looming pandemics, natural disasters, and fear. The good news is that life doesn’t have to be an experience of constant pain and unhappiness. Unfortunately too many people, after initially trying to make some healthy changes, simply give up and return to their old ways of living. And life does appear to be very negative for so many of us. By profession, I am a social worker who has learned to believe in our right to heal and find peace. I advocate strongly this position: we can learn how to make changes or improvements in ourselves as well as our culture. The process will take commitment, practice, and faith. For the last 30 years of my adult life, I have reached out a loving hand to countless many that suffer and hurt. In spite of all the pain, sorrow, human misery, and hardships that I have witnessed, I am awe-struck by the incredible spiritual growth I see, including miracles that have appeared in my life’s journey. Do you need a miracle? Are you facing a challenge of sickness, loneliness, pain, loss, excessive habits or lack? Surely you will agree that living in today’s world is exciting, but you also know there is so much that is wrong, destructive, and harmful. Spend some time with me and we will talk about healings, happiness, miracles, and social reforms. My healings can be the start of your miracles; our miracles can begin to transform social ills; our culture dedicated to social healing can take its rightful place in the service to the needs of the world. For a moment let’s talk about personal healing, social work treatment, and the need for social healings; but above all else, let’s hold on to a message of hope. My approach requires that ultimately each person find their own inner pathway to healing. Along these lines I am reminded of a story from the Talmud: (4): A young Rabbi talked to his master: During the time when I am studying I feel filled with light and life, but as soon as I cease to study this mood disappears. What should I do?’ So the Rabbi replied: It is like a man who walks through a forest on a dark night, and part of the way is accompanied by a companion who carries a lantern. Soon they come to the point where their paths divide, and they must go on alone. If each carries his own lantern, one need fear no darkness.’ What I will share with you is not new but old and it is a lantern. If we are to survive in this world, I believe it is time to wake up and look around. Let us choose to see the Light. Let us sing the song of Light, and search for our emotional connection to the Light that flows inside and through us all. With this knowledge of spirituality firmly in place, we can claim our in-born right to healing, happiness, and freedom. Like the ancient Greek philosophers emphasized; Knowledge is not what a man has been told, shown, or taught; it can be only what he has found out for himself by long and rigorous search. (5). Absolute Knowledgethe Light, is subject to many different styles and modes of interpretations, just like music can be expressed in an infinite number of modes. The more I share with others, the more I discover that Light is everything I know and feel plus more than I know and feelthe mystical element. Follow that which is positive, wholesome, and good. Choose your good, and know in your heart as well as your mind and body that absolute Love-Light is Supreme. Find a way to bring more spirituality into your daily experiences and miracles will definitely happen. Today I choose to share what Light means to me in the hope that you will find your own truth-vision. This is an exercise that will take patience, faith, and practice. What will soon become clear to you, from reading my book, is that the pathway to healthy change overflows with peace, joy, and bliss as the mythmaker states. I have divided my intervention approach into two parts. Part I will focus on: face stressful feelings and think positive thoughts. Part II will conclude with: take positive action and turn to Positive Power. This is a healing formula. One can use it to facilitate personal healing, to help others, and to make improvements in our country. It begins with the best we can humanly do in steps 1 through 3, and then requires our complete surrender in step 4 to the power of Light however one defines It. I see my message as a beacon of Love-Light to those who want and need to have a better life. When we find the power to unlock our dark secret, we can all become more effective change agents, which will help our nation heal too. And then one can super-size The Secret, to get the results we all are want and need. More information is available at under The Dark Secret About Healing and Recovery. About the Author: Gary Eby has been a social worker for more than 30 years. He and his wife live in Grants Pass, Oregon. Currently he works as a therapist and counselor for Options of Southern Oregon, the local mental health agency. For many years he has been a Life Coach online, and he retired from the VA Hospital in Battle Creek, Michigan in October of 2005. He is also the author of The Dark Secret About Healing and Recovery. 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