The culprit baby teach you choose fashionable turtleneck sweater don’t let the big change.

The culprit lead Baby teach you choose fashionable turtleneck sweater don’t let change significantly: since after the big leader admitted that Baby pregnant at micro-blog, less see Baby attended the event, began to ease a tire, and a recent childhood exposure not only let us began to look forward to Baby small Baby, the absolute value of Yan is not lost mom and dad. In the crowd at the same time, I can not help but find that many people are most concerned about is the face from small to large! Some people in childhood is called pull hate and someone in a slap in the face because I haven’t changed the face of distress, but the Don ‘t Worry! In fact, as long as through a small trick we can visually change the face! The leader in micro-blog admitted that Baby was pregnant but Tang Yan gets good fashionable pie face the culprit! Seeing the winter is warm, preferred to wear turtleneck quickly, but wait, this is Tang Yan?! How will face a circle? Is it fat? NONONO, in fact, the prime culprit is turtleneck, do not believe we go! Bai Baihe is the representative of Bai Baihe has been slim said he was also wearing a turtleneck swollen! Jung Soo Yeon, and Jung Soo Yeon, don’t think this turtleneck will cover the face, face the moment, it will only make you instantly become "no neck star", and the face looks more meat! Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio so Rourou face when choosing turtleneck collar must avoid excessive piling up too much, or who had thick loose style. Even if you are a supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio will not second neck. Zhang Ziyi that Rourou face cannot wear turtleneck yet? Of course not, let’s pick any face can wear turtleneck! Although Zhang Ziyi’s face, but she is shrinking shoulder typical, not to wear is easy to turn "no neck star" but she chose the half collar style, also use the necklace to extend longitudinal feeling, just get out of the neck! The large power power can also select slim style, like the large power power, busty women can choose turtleneck style is it! Wu Xin can also choose relaxed style, more and more tide Wu Xin chose as loose turtleneck, but is thin neck collar style, not too heavy, but also out of the neck line. A heavy, semi self, remember? Is slim, half high, not heavy this three points, any face can try turtleneck, and not afraid of neck oh! Here the zipper turtleneck by the way give you a big explosion! In addition to the main points of the above selected high collar, we can also try to present the explosion! Zipper cardigan, (especially small ring style) because the properties you can adjust the zipper collar height, mother never worried that I didn’t wear turtleneck neck! Gaga lotus collar is not in the fairy! When it comes to upgrade to high collar, we come to talk about this year’s winter hot flounces, is not the spring and summer, lotus leaf dress Oh, but climbed to the neckline, but sounds not to wear you xian!相关的主题文章: