The couple to the car thief online shopping hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of reselling the aptana studio

The couple to the car thief hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stolen online shopping reselling arrested — car — original title: husband and wife to steal a car stolen online shopping tens of thousands of dollars worth of reselling the arrest in August 23rd, Qingyuan police successfully cracked a car theft case, the husband and wife suspect Dongmou, Xu arrested, seized Honda Odyssey and a white Honda CRV. August 21st morning, Qingyuan police received a two car theft case: Zang Cun Wang stolen a Honda Odyssey, worth more than 30 yuan; Zhan Zhan Zhuang white Honda CRV car stolen, worth more than 20 yuan. After the incident, the Public Security Bureau of Baoding District, Qingyuan, immediately ordered the district police station to investigate the pavilion. After interviewing the relevant people and the transfer of the scene video, identified two cases for the same group of people. In August 20th, the vehicle trajectory display GPS positioning system according to police investigators Odyssey owners to provide, the track to the territory of Shandong Province, Beijing high-speed Dezhou section, stolen Odyssey was found in the direction of Ji’nan Dezhou service area. With the support of the local police, the two suspects were arrested on the spot, and the two and stolen vehicles back to the public security organs. After interrogation, the two suspects Dongmou, Xu Department of husband and wife. Two people confessed to buying stolen car thieves through the network, and stolen goods to Shandong within the facts of the crime, and confessed another stolen car in the service area of Dezhou. August 23rd, police rushed to the night of the Dezhou service area will be another stolen Honda CRV back. Currently, the suspect Xu, Dongmou has been under criminal detention, the case is under further investigation. (Wang Yang correspondent Wen Kui) (commissioning editor Dou Ming and Wu Xiaoqin)相关的主题文章: