The country’s first dedicated birthday cake ordering platform party

The first special birthday cake party ordering platform born Intro: "you like to do?" Wang Xiangke, he asked me directly. I said: I usually eat a meal with friends, sing a song, eat a cake! Anyway, it’s a routine! Wang Xiangke asked: do you carry the cake to KTV? I said: Yes, it is like this! Wang Xiangke said: we have developed a platform, you see, he can order a cake + birthday party! This platform is "sweet". It can be a key to solve your problems with cake everywhere, directly managed cake you want to go KTV or restaurants, to better guarantee the quality of the cake, worry not tired! "Sweet" founder Wang Xiangke is confident that this is the baking industry in the future economic "sweet" lazy, this platform is not a simple cake ordering platform, he gathered most of the city KTV and restaurants to join together, that is to say, you through this platform, a key to fix the birthday party, have a greater discount! Wuhan Chongqing dream Wang Xiangke, a gentleman of the Wuhan men, engaged in sweets and baked for 15 years, the current general manager of Paris Chongqing high-end brand baking barn, "sweet" is also the founder of the platform. "I and Paris barn are very few! The first time to see the Paris barn, I feel particularly good. Later, a chance to join the Paris barn team, "in the beginning I hesitated, feeling too big on!" Wang Xiangke interesting to say. "When I came to Chongqing several times, I found Chongqing particularly interesting! The pace of life is not fast, but very straightforward chongqing. Urban construction is developing rapidly, but the city culture is very taste. So, that’s 3 years!" When a reporter asked, this three years, what is the new understanding of Chongqing and Chongqing? Wang Xiangke said: in the 3 years of work in Chongqing, more and more people feel particularly busy around, as if time for everyone is particularly inadequate. As a result of his professional habits, he always pay attention to the pedestrian on the street, one hand holding the cake with one hand on the subway, or while driving a car while watching the cake, rushed to the gathering place. In addition to hurry and not safe, he was more worried about this cake even sanwubo frequently will no longer have the best eating quality, because the temperature is a cake of life. But it has become the last obstacle to the party, especially in Chongqing. "I want to build a platform in Chongqing, a key you can fix the party platform, for example, you can order a cake on this platform, your birthday party directly help you fix KTV, help you set a good atmosphere and help you make cakes, help you put in the room, and you just need to go on the line! This is what I create "sweet"!" Wang Xiangke said. The entertainment industry in the future will be cake   in order to better understand the Chongqing people’s consumption habits, habits of the party, Wang Xiangke had 9 months of Market Research on merchants and delivery staff to talk business and combined with the actual cake industry, come to this;相关的主题文章: