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The Commission was filed to the national team to rescue the No. 21 Sohu Wenzhou securities investors Xu Caiyuan sued the Commission’s case was filed after investors sued 70. Yesterday, Xu Caiyuan issued a notice of acceptance of the case of Beijing first intermediate people’s court in his personal micro-blog, which was the case of "information disclosure of China Securities Regulatory Commission". Xu Caiyuan said yesterday that the local attorney had paid the legal fees, and the time for the court was not yet decided. Last year, the SFC issued bailout during the 2015 21 announcement, announced in the next few years Chinese securities financial Limited by Share Ltd will not withdraw from the market, change its stable functions". In March 18th this year, Xu Caiyuan submitted to the Commission for disclosure of government information disclosure: "Announcement No. 21" issued by the background, basis and involved "in the next few years China securities financial Limited by Share Ltd will not withdraw from the market, when the severe abnormal fluctuations, may lead to systemic risk, will continue to play a role in a variety of forms" stability maintenance execution (including securities holdings) effect. In April 19th, the CSRC replied that its application was not the application for information disclosure stipulated in the regulations, and that it was not in the scope of regulation adjustment. In September 9th, Xu Caiyuan sued the Beijing court commission. Xu Caiyuan believes that the government information refers to the administrative organ produced or acquired in the course of their duties, the information recorded and stored in a certain form, the Commission did not deny the existence of information, and he is also the application matters within the letter of the information and the part belongs to the government information disclosure. This is the third time Xu Caiyuan sued the csrc. In January 14th this year, Xu Caiyuan once said that "the Commission administrative omission and chaos as grounds will be taken to Beijing intermediate people’s court, after the court has no jurisdiction to two grounds were not accepted. Xu Caiyuan subsequently sued the Beijing court, sued the Commission of illegal specific administrative acts, the court held that the prosecution procedure does not meet the conditions for prosecution. Xu Caiyuan continues to appeal to the high court of Beijing. In April 20th this year, the Beijing High Court issued an administrative ruling after the trial, and found that the court of first instance in Beijing quoted legal provisions wrong, but still upheld the original verdict. This case is of great significance to Xu Caiyuan, he thought he would get dialogue in court "and the rights by law rights unremittingly". Public information, Xu financial resources was born in 1978, graduated from the East China Normal University in 1998 to become the occupation investors, was nominated for the "Wenzhou annual economic figures". In November 2008, Xu Caiyuan steel vanadium warrants investors after successful rights, the organization of ST southern, Hainan airlines, Jinyu group and Katie ecological activism etc.. Daily the latest market operation guide and limit prediction will be in WeChat public number: publicize my eyes Kanpan, scan the QR code below (or WeChat search public number: agu819), you will get a different surprise!   70后股民状告证监会获立案 涉及国家队救市21号文-搜狐证券  温州股民徐财源状告证监会一案终获立案。昨天,徐财源在其个人微博发布一张北京一中院的受理案件通知书,内容为“诉中国证监会信息公开”案。徐财源称昨天已委托当地律师交了诉讼费,开庭时间尚未确定。   去年救市期间,证监会发布[2015]21号公告,宣布“今后若干年中国证券金融股份有限公司不会退出,其稳定市场的职能不变”。今年3月18日,徐财源向证监会提交政府信息公开申请,请求公开:“21号公告”发布的背景、依据及涉及到的“今后若干年中国证券金融股份有限公司不会退出”、“当市场剧烈异常波动、可能引发系统性风险时,仍将继续以多种形式发挥维稳作用”的执行(含证券持仓量)效力。4月19日,证监会回复称,其申请的事项并非《条例》所规定的信息公开申请,不属于条例调整范围。9月9日,徐财源将证监会诉至北京一中院。徐财源认为,政府信息是指行政机关在履行职责过程中制作或者获取的,以一定形式记录、保存的信息,证监会没有否认该信息客观存在,而他申请的事项又是该信息的内函和组成部分,故属于可公开的政府信息。   这是徐财源第三次状告证监会。今年1月14日,徐财源曾以“证监会行政不作为和乱作为”为由将其诉至北京二中院,后二中院以没有管辖权为由未予受理。徐财源随后向北京一中院提起诉讼,状告证监会具体行政行为违法,一中院认为起诉人所提诉讼不符合起诉条件。徐财源继续上诉至北京高院。今年4月20日,北京高院进行审理后发出行政裁定书,认定北京一中院引用法律条文错误,但仍维持原审裁定。这次立案对徐财源来说意义重大,他认为自己通过坚持不懈的依法维权获得了与证监会在法庭上“对话的权利”。   公开资料显示,徐财源生于1978年,毕业于华东师范大学,1998年成为职业股民,曾入围“温州年度经济人物”。2008年11月,徐财源为钢钒权证的投资者成功维权,之后组织了对ST南方、海南航空、金宇集团、凯迪生态等的维权行动。   每日最新股市操作指南和涨停板预测都会在我的微信公众号:证眼看盘里公布,扫描下方二维码(或搜索微信公众号:agu819 ),你会得到不一样的惊喜!  相关的主题文章: