The classic changes everything to learn more about Diablo’s origins and behind the scenes adobe gamma

Classic change everything to learn more about Diablo and the origin of the game industry behind the scenes from time to time will give birth to a novel, creative game, to become the industry benchmark. When a game is popular all over the world, its developers will spare no effort to create a better sequel, and its competitors will imitate or even copy its elements. One of the representative games is Diablo, although its sequel Diablo 2 more excellent, but there is no doubt that the dark series for the RPG game into a lot of fresh blood. This is not an assessment of Blizzard’s APRG game: it changes everything. "I actually had the idea of doing a game like that in high school." "Diablo" is one of the main designers, programmers and founder Condor David Brevik said in talking about the origin of the game. "I was living in the east of the Gulf of San Francisco, under the Mount Diablo, which is also the source of the game name. I moved from to California in high school. I didn’t say a word in Spanish at that time. When I knew what Diablo meant, I thought, ‘that’s a good name for the game.’." Brevik and Diablo’s fate is more than that. He grew up playing games, and he knew it was going to be his career. He studied computer science, set up his own game research and development studio, and in the new team to find the game box orders when determined to do a good computer game. "So I was in high school to design a RPG game plan named Diablo," he continued, "the design of the game for many years, by a series of UNIX university when I play the game of great influence, especially the roguelike game: such as Rogue, Angband, Moria and Nethack, of course, I also influenced by other games." It was not until many years later. After the establishment of Condor company and began to take orders to play the game, Brevik and team members got an opportunity to meet with Silicon &, Synapse company, which contributed to the birth of the dark. "At the time Condor and Silicon & Synapse for SNES and Sega Genesis company to do the game box," Brevik explained, "is developing a League called Justice Task Force the game our team at that time, it is a fighting game, like" Street Fighter ", but the figure is DC super hero. So we took part in the CES show in Las Vegas, when E3 was not established. There is only a small piece of video games, but we are eager to sell our products to those interested buyers." But Brevik and the team found that not only do they do a similar game, a company called Silicon &.相关的主题文章: