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The best classroom is life (talk today) – Shanxi Channel – People’s network, 1 morning learning English, afternoon painting; 2 morning makeup, afternoon math……" For many children, "national day seven days" has become a "national day seven days". Such "make up a missed lesson Golden Week", let them miserable. "School burden education can’t cope with stress test"." In addition to this child, many parents give their children become "common reason kaixiaozao". But beyond the affordability of children, more nutrients can only be a burden. Education in a different way, there may be unexpected harvest. A Sichuan father with a 5 year old son in the motherland "tour", let the children hone man character in the desert, river sunset, the growth of knowledge, understanding history; a Zhejiang mother insisted on doing the ancient breakfast for her daughter, the original monotonous breakfast time into the poetic class. Based on the personal experience of life experience and interactive learning based on emotional communication, education will become more interesting and effective. The best classroom is life, the best education is to accompany. Lu Xun once said, "education is rooted in love."." More parents have a sense of participation, less pressure to instill, in order to allow children to grow up, bloom. People’s daily (07 October 2016, 01 Edition)

最好的课堂是生活(今日谈)–山西频道–人民网   “1号上午学英语,下午学画画;2号上午补作文,下午补数学……”对不少孩子来说,“国庆七天乐”变成了“国庆七天课”。这样的“补课黄金周”,让他们苦不堪言。  “学校的减负教育应付不了压力考试。”除了望子成龙,这成为许多家长给孩子“开小灶”的共同理由。但超越孩子的承受能力,再多的“营养品”也只能是负担。教育换一种方式,也许会有意想不到的收获。一位四川爸爸带5岁儿子在祖国大地“壮游”,让孩子在大漠孤烟、长河落日中磨练男子汉性格,增长见识、感悟历史;一位浙江妈妈坚持为女儿做“古诗早餐”,把原本单调的早餐时间变成了诗意的课堂。这样基于生活体验的切身感受、基于情感交流的互动学习,让教育变得更有趣、有效。  最佳的课堂是生活,最好的教育是陪伴。鲁迅曾说:“教育是植根于爱的。”父母多一些有参与感的陪伴,少一些有压力的灌输,才能让孩子们从容成长,尽情绽放。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月07日 01 版)相关的主题文章: