The artist’s license to authorize the issue price of painting platform placement

Male artist disc issue price artist disc placing authorization platform is a kind of painting and calligraphy artist and art new investment operation mode, is a new addition to the traditional art market segments of the market, the introduction of market norms, new elements of art assets and financial and Internet, with artists for the operation object, with art the real trading unit, committed to creating a new mode of operation and art artists open, fair and just "investment collection. Its essential characteristics and follow the development rules of the art market as the basic principle, in order to tap the value, value and value share "as the core, to promote the healthy development of the art market China, spread the excellent Chinese cultural value. Since the artist on the line, has been favored by investors. In order to give back to investors, the artist often set up market promotions. The recent public offer authorized artists painting collections trading platform (hereinafter referred to as the "painting platform") for signing brokerage calligraphy platform, in November 15, 2016 -11 month 16 days, the launch of the new market activities: new registered members will be issued at a price of the placing of the collection. The details are as follows: the species and the number 1, to participate in the activities: 2, event organizers: art painting collections Limited authorized trading platform designated trading account (designated trading accounts do not participate in the activities of market participants, 3): new signing platform brokerage institutions and their calligraphy and painting the subordinate member. 4, to participate in this activity: placing a limited number of collections, take the first come first served, until full principle, details of specific activities consult their agencies. 5, the release of the results of the activities of the time: in November 25, 2016 the Sina collection of cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values WJS相关的主题文章: