The 50 year old brother died in a car in the next day or was found due to overwork induced myocardia roxane hayward

The 50 year old brother died in a car in the next day or was found due to overwork induced myocardial infarction still taxi stopped in the Dahe news he was too tired, the rest will never wake up. Yesterday morning, in the eastern part of Zhengzhou, a taxi driver was found dead in a taxi. According to witnesses, the taxi stopped at noon the day before yesterday, the incident did not move, passers-by thought he was sleeping, someone came to a taxi yesterday morning, the driver did not wake up to find the driver has no breathing. According to his family, the night before last found the dead did not go home, did not find everywhere. Because the driver suffering from myocardial infarction, may be a sudden onset of death. Specific cause of death, the police are still investigating. Yesterday morning, in Zhengzhou Ji and the Bear River Road intersection about 100 meters to the south, a taxi parked on the roadside, the car driver was found dead. Someone with a white cab window will be covered with black umbrella in the car. More than a taxi driver’s family at the roadside very sad. Police pulled up the cordon at the scene, more than and 10 taxi drivers rushed to the scene to visit the accident counterparts. According to a witness, around 9, the taxi stopped at the roadside, there are passengers want to take a taxi, the driver saw the left hand on the steering wheel, the right hand on the gear lever, but the driver did not respond. See the driver some abnormalities, but found that it has no breathing, then alarm. Another person familiar with the introduction of the taxi, the day before the incident on the noon stop here did not move. About 11:30 in the morning, the taxi drivers were taken away funeral home vehicles. He remained in the car when he was lifted out of the car. According to his family, the taxi driver is more than and 50 years old, suffering from myocardial infarction, the day before the incident has been in operation at night has not come home, his family is very worried, call no answer, the police then contacted them, to know the bad news.相关的主题文章: