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TEDA Yatai no return the old war: our goal is to win [] like Suning home court 2-0 Xie Pengfei Teixeira scored 5 straight double TEDA daily news (reporter Zhao Rui) and Yatai game can be said to be the most critical, TEDA campaign this season. Before the conference, coach Pacheco said: "we must win, no retreat." Yatai coach Li Zhangzhu not a sign of weakness: "now the situation is not what retreat to our team, can only look forward, fall will stumble on the road, but not what other way." On training, TEDA still maintained a foreign Pacheco after he took office only 15 minutes of warm-up activities of traditional. In the limited time, can see the change of TEDA team is in reserves left back Nie Tao, and veteran Zong Lei returned to the squad for 19 people. In the main goalkeeper Yang Qipeng did not hurt the case, Zong Lei is only a substitute, and Nie Tao’s return, it may mean that the transformation of the TEDA left back Pacheco was not satisfied with him. Talking about the upcoming game, Pacheco apparently prepared: "Yatai is strong team, based on defense, especially in the leading time, often from the back five. We also made the analysis before Yatai, their first two and Luneng, R & F played well. Return to the home court first of all we have to do their own, the importance of self-evident integral, we must win, no retreat. We will also respect the opponent, respect for the game, play in the game to win the desire and the spirit of hard work. I have great confidence in the players, this confidence stems from the usual training and performance on the field." TEDA are the last few games opening 15 minutes by the opponent to score goals, how to avoid? Pacheco said: pure defense is not our style, I respect the offensive and control the ball, although there is a risk of losing the ball, but still want to suppress the opponent’s attack. Draw the ball early before the experience, in the first 15 minutes to defend well, and strive to enter the first goal, win the game. 1 points can not meet Changchun, so we have to maintain a good attitude, our goal is to win." Yesterday before the press conference scheduled home at 6:15, but TEDA arrived early drop, so that both sides of the crash conference. However, the two have coached the coach of the national security of Beijing, particularly cordial, Pacheco even joked." Although the others have complained, but Lee graciously waved his hand: "never mind, I can wait." In fact, in the talk of the town with their own actions to build up confidence to the team. On training of the media throughout the open, Yatai, the reporter is not taboo to watch and camera, which is the main team, which is a substitute, reporters see clearly. Including the conference of humility, is in the home to send a signal: Li Yatai is not afraid of who. Lao Li described his team as "standing on the edge of the cliff": "outside said that tomorrow’s game is very important, but I think this is a normal game, how to prepare, how the result is, I believe we can play very well. Now the situation is not what retreat to our team, can only look forward, will fall on the road.相关的主题文章: