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Fitness-Equipment The Suunto t6c heart rate monitor won’t let you down in terms of cool features. Suunto has partnered with high level sports science software companies to bring you state of the art technology in its sports watches and heart rate monitors. The heart rate data that their devices, like the t6c, record can be downloaded to a computer so that different performance variables can be assessed. The Suunto t6c can analyze exercise recorded interval data that records the time between heart beats. You’ll get a large memory capacity with the Suunto so that you can record vast amounts of data about your performance. It’s easy to monitor your progress over time by looking at past data. The advantages of having a heartbeat monitor that can give you information on your heart rate are many. It is a means of monitoring your workout session. You will be able to see how effective the session you just completed was in getting the response that you desired. Data reports show that the Suunto t6c is very accurate when measuring your heart rate. It matches up to medical EKG devices. The t6c not only works fantastic but it also looks great and is very comfortable. You’ll love the mineral glass finish. You get a solidly built monitor and a replaceable battery as well. And don’t forget the heart rate feedback mechanism. It also has count down timers among other customized display options. The monitor comes with a USB interface plus the software necessary for downloading the data to your computer and Suunto’s website. You can look for ways to improve your performance by looking at different training variables in the software package. There are also a number of different accessories you can purchase to use with your Suunto. You can change the options and buy add-ons depending on the exercise you are doing. You can use accessories to record and analyze your performance for sports like running, cycling, or even swimming. So if you’re a triathlete, the t6c is ideal. The t6c is also able to record altitude changes and temperature variations. The Suunto sends your heart rate information via wireless connection from the chest strap for it to be analyzed and displayed on the wrist monitor. You can easily see how your performance is improving over time and look for ways to get better using the Suunto. Some other features include the Suunto training effect and respiration rate. You’ll be able to see how you performed at various points while you’re training. This is good because it allows you to plan and adapt your future training schedule in the most optimal way. Your maximum heart rate is important as the t6c bases much of it’s training plan on this rate. Knowing your VO2Max is also very helpful when planning workouts. There are a number of online resoures that can tell you how to test for these different rates. There’s a lot to learn on the t6c with all of its features and training options. Don’t worry though, using the t6c is a snap and you can even set up training sessions and workouts yourself on your computer. The Suunto t6c is very effective because you can do most of the training and analysis yourself without having to rely on someone else. All ability levels can benefit from the t6c. In addition to the comfort of the Suunto, you’ll also get a backlight on the watch face to help you read it at night. It is also a must have because when you are out there in the middle of a workout session you’ll know what your maximum heart rate is and how you are performing during that session. You will be able to track your heart rate zone and train in the most optimal zone to improve your overall performance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: