Take a look at the photos taken by professional photographers with iPhone 7 plus w-inds.

Look at the occupation photographer with iPhone 7 Plus photographs of Tencent technology news (Li Wei) according to foreign media reports, before the iPhone 7 Plus release, occupation photographer Benjamin Lowe (Benjamin Lowy) · using the mobile phone recorded a series of photos in the streets of New York. Apple lent a iPhone 7 Plus Lowe, for him to shoot. The imaging effect of the mobile phone to "put forward some views, such as exposure due to insufficient color photos, partial brown powder. In addition, when attempting to use the exposure control bar, it is easy to misuse zoom. These two items are very close to the screen. However, the storage capacity of 7 iPhone Lowe Plus (256GB version), as well as the rich editing software is satisfied. This allows him to edit the photos at any time and place. In addition, he also appreciated the iPhone 7 Plus dual rear camera configuration. Let’s look at the Benjamin · iPhone Plus 7; Lowe with photos:相关的主题文章: