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Taizhou two thieves burglary, the host home theft can not be anti detention, into the villagers room theft, not long after the owner went home, hurriedly, two thieves hid on the next door neighbor’s balcony. After being discovered, two people jumped down from the balcony, did not escape how far road, was caught by the villager. In September 18th, Guizhou suspects Cen Cen and Cen B were arrested for criminal detention by the Public Security Bureau of Taizhou District, Huangyan. CEN Jia and Cen B were from Guizhou and rented in Wenling. Two people are fellow villagers, often go out together, because there is no fixed work, often shy of the capsule. In September 18th two at noon, after lunch, talk to no acquaintances steal something for cash. In the afternoon, cen and Cen took the taxi from Wenling to the hospital bridge, and they went around looking for the place of stealing after they got off the bridge passenger transport center. When the sky was dark, the two turned to a village and found that the light of the villagers’ house was not shining, so that the house should be nobody. Then, they use the prepared screwdriver to pry open the door, and then entered the room for, from the first floor to the third floor, "turn" did not find valuable things. At this time, the master home, found the door ajar in the home, the room there are signs of turning, the consciousness of the home into a thief, called the villagers together to catch the thief. Two people see the situation is not good, open the window on the third floor of the north, climbed into the next door neighbor. The neighbor’s window and door closed, two people had to hide in the balcony, but still sharp eyed villagers found two people panic from the balcony jumped to escape, did not flee far road, by local villagers caught and alarm. Subsequently, the police rushed to the scene of the A and B Cen Cen to the police station, after ascertaining the facts, on suspicion of theft of a Cen Cen and Yiyu to criminal detention.

台州俩小偷入室盗窃遇主人回家 偷盗不成反被刑拘进入村民房内行窃,没多久主人回家了,慌忙之下,两名小偷躲到隔壁邻居家的阳台上。被发现后,两人从阳台上跳下来,没逃多远路,就被村民逮住。9月18日,贵州籍犯罪嫌疑人岑甲和岑乙因涉嫌盗窃被台州黄岩区公安分局刑事拘留。岑甲和岑乙是贵州人,租住在温岭。两人是老乡,经常一起出门,由于没有固定工作,经常囊中羞涩。9月18日中午,两人吃过午饭后,商量去没有熟人的地方偷点东西换钱花。当天下午,岑甲和岑乙乘坐出租车从温岭来到院桥,在院桥客运中心附近下车后,便四处转悠寻找行窃地点。天色暗下来后,两人转到一村子里,发现一村民家的灯没亮着,判断这家应该没有人。于是,他们用事先准备好的螺丝刀撬开房门,然后进入房内翻找,从一楼“翻”到三楼,也没找到值钱的东西。就在这时,主人回家了,发现家中的门虚掩着,房内有翻动的痕迹,意识到家中进贼了,就叫来村民一起捉贼。两人见情况不妙,打开三楼北面窗户,翻爬进入隔壁邻居家。邻居家的窗门紧闭,两人只好隐藏在阳台上,但还是被眼尖的村民发现,两人慌乱中从阳台上跳下逃走,没逃多远路,就被当地村民抓住并报警。随后,民警赶到现场将岑甲和岑乙带到派出所,查清事实后,对涉嫌盗窃的岑甲和岑乙予以刑事拘留。相关的主题文章: