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The earthquake in southern Taiwan face book open special function to help safe original title: Taiwan earthquake in the south of Zuckerberg about the "face book" open special functions to help safe [Roundup] global network in southern Taiwan on the morning of 6 on the Richter scale 6.7 earthquake, the famous social networking site Facebook immediately launched the "safe reporting function" Facebook, founder and chief executive Zuckerberg personally Posts concerned, Taiwan netizen response Ping notification function is very helpful. Zuckerberg said: "we should be issued by the Taiwan earthquake has started the peace bulletin, I am very concerned about Taiwan, and all the disaster affected people around the world." He also told the fans: "if you are in the affected area, you will receive notice of its own security label. You can also see friends and relatives are safe." He enclosed link function. Zakebaige issued 1 hours after the message has been the influx of 1400, a Taiwanese netizens responded: "I live in Taiwan, the earthquake hit, but fortunately my family and relatives are safe, thank you", "I live in the earthquake near the epicenter, the function for me, my friends and relatives are thank you very much for your help." Using the "face book" of the function, if the people in the disaster area is temporarily unable to call your family or friends, or through the mobile phone version of the computer version of Facebook security bulletin station, will be marked as "own safety". When disaster occurs, Facebook users can use safe reporting stations quickly to relatives and friends are safe, can also contact with the object they care about. Ping an informed station during the disaster has the function including to relatives and friends are safe, that the affected area of relatives and friends and get in touch with each other and share security user knows a friend or family member. Facebook will decide whether the user is located in the affected areas according to many factors, including personal files in the city, where the user’s current location, and other users can point out the location of the message. Once users located in the affected areas, Facebook will send the notice, ask whether well. Located in the earthquake stricken area of the user Facebook asked whether well received notice of the time, you can click on the "I am safe" to show their safe. If you want to mark the safety of others, must go to the Facebook security bulletin station page, use a friend’s name or personal information search in the archives of friends, but only marked safety state for his friend in the network users. It is reported that the "face book" the user can click the sign below the safety state of the user name of the message, the expression of care to them. Editor: Su bud SN226

台湾南部地震脸书开通特别功能助报平安   原标题:台湾南部地震扎克伯格关心 “脸书”开通特别功能助报平安   [环球网综合报道]台湾南部6日凌晨发生里氏规模6.7级大地震,著名社交网站“脸书”立刻启动“平安通报功能”,Facebook创办人兼执行长扎克伯格也亲自贴文关心,有台湾网友回应平安通报功能很有帮助。   扎克伯格发文说:“我们因应台湾地震已启动了平安通报,我很关心台湾,以及所有受这次震灾影响的全球民众。”   他并告诉粉丝:“如果你在受灾区域,你会收到标注自己平安的通知。你也可以查看亲友是否平安。”他后面附上功能的连结。   扎克伯格发文1小时后就已涌入1400多则留言,有台湾网友回应:“我住在台南,这次地震受创最严重的地方,但很幸运我的家人亲友都平安,谢谢你”、“我住在台湾地震震央附近,这个功能对我、我的亲友很有帮助,非常感谢你。”   利用“脸书”的该项功能,灾区的民众如果暂时无法用电话联络上家人或朋友,可透过手机版或电脑版Facebook平安通报站,将自己标示为“安全”。   发生灾难时,Facebook用户可利用平安通报站迅速向亲朋好友报平安,也可与他们关心的对象取得联系。平安通报站在灾难期间具备的功能包括向亲朋好友报平安、确认受影响地区亲朋好友的状况并与对方取得联系、以及分享用户所知道的朋友或家人的安全状况。   Facebook会根据许多因素来判定用户是否位于受影响的地区,包括个人档案中的所在城市、用户目前的所在位置、以及其他能指出用户所在位置的讯息。一旦确认用户位于受影响地区,Facebook就会传送通知,询问是否安好。   位于地震灾区的用户收到Facebook询问是否安好的通知时,可点击“我很安全”以表明自己的安全无虞。若要标示他人的安全状态,须前往Facebook平安通报站页面,使用朋友的姓名或个人档案中的资讯搜寻朋友,但只能为自己朋友网络中的用户标示安全状态。   据悉,“脸书”的用户也可以点击标示为安全状态的用户名称下方的留言,向他们表达关怀之意。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章: