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Sweden additional recommendation: Helsingborg guest to win – Sohu halmstads (main) VS Helsingborg 2016-11-18 1:30 Friday kick-off time venue: Olga nice stadium first football net 100 Europe Index: 2.740 = 3.195 [4] halmstads 2.434 Hill Star Fort [5] Asia Index: tie plate the last season from the Swedish super relegation this season, have the opportunity to return to Sweden super the ranks of the team this season ranked three in Sweden, won the promotion playoff qualification, this season home court score of 9 wins 3 flat 3 negative, deshiqiu for 24:10, offensive efficiency is good, the defense is relatively good; the visiting team is a Swedish super club, the past few seasons of strength decline, and achievement worse, this season ranked Sweden over fourteenth, through the play offs to have a chance to keep Sweden super The team this season away seats, score of 3 wins 4 flat 8 negative, deshiqiu for 14:26, offensive efficiency is relatively poor, not a good defensive teams; current strength should be little difference in history on the more obvious advantages, the status of the difference, from the fundamentals, two teams have a chance to win. The data on the European data found for 2.740, 2.434 wins, and win the opportunity to found a little difference, and the office is 3.195, and the odds slightly lower, and the Bureau of chance is not low, Asian index open deuce plate, by injection, the rising water level, with two teams situation, the greater fame, low water more attractive note the amount of that index is not reasonable, the index is more favorable to the home, the home team unbeaten at least. Cz100 recommendation: 0 halmstads SMG recommended: 1, 3相关的主题文章: