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Summer scorching summer resort, Nanchang Wanda tourist city – Sohu travel, some people say that the radius of your walk, is your world. I think everyone knows the world is one-sided, including myself, you think you see is the world, in fact, it is just the world in your heart. After a lot of road, saw a lot of the world, a person, can not go out of their own world, in the vast sea of humanity, forget yourself, will not have a greater harvest?. Those we opinionated life, will not really self deception. Recently stopped living in Nanchang for a long time in this city, with a stranger looked at the city, is a city of heroes, is also a very simple life, conservative and congestion of the old city, the vigorous development of Honggutan, new subway, night rhythm of the Ganjiang River across the river. In the river on a bridge, witnessed the development and history of the city. People tangled in nostalgia and change, the city has quietly changed, from the autumn to the Tie Xi Railway Station square, high. I am very pleased to see the development of each city, Nanchang, the city will often come after this, there are different expectations, over the past two years, more or less feel the change of the city. As a central city, a new rise of the city, there are always some people in the effort to make the city a better place. These days, I to Sihu to AI Nanji wetland to Bayi Square to Hongdu Avenue from Meiling, find a time to just opened near Nanchang Wanda tourist city of a small weekend. From south to north, from east to west, for a different perspective of Nanchang. Nanchang Wanda cultural tourism city, this time, the National Father Wang Jianlin and generous investment of 40 billion, since the construction of tourism culture in Nanchang Lake City, Kowloon Hotel, indoor theme park, outdoor theme park, Binhu bar street, cinema, commercial, residential development, 9 resort hotel does have a different surprise, a six star hotel, a five star hotel, two four star hotel, five theme hotel. In a lot of questioning voices, I think, Wanda find their own travel model – the city’s mild fake. This will not be the future of tourism blue ocean. Recently often and Wang Sicong deal, from Changbai Mountain Wanda International Resort, my family lived not far, Guangzhou Wanda Wanda Foshan, Panyu Wanda, Shanghai Wanda, whether in the city or on vacation, whether the scenic areas or downtown, is the landmark building of a city. This time came to Nanchang Wanda tourist city, from the city to drive about half an hour, in the edge of the lake, close to the Tie Xi Railway Station, here is undoubtedly the future of Nanchang city center. Nanchang is also a new tourist destination. This time the two hotels in Nanchang Wanda, Wanda Wanda Mandarin Hotel and Nanchang Jiahua Resort Hotel, a business style luxury hotel, a family of wind Resort Hotel, is a quality of enjoyment, is a highly cost-effective and comfortable. The two hotels are not far away, you can enjoy a one-time two services, but also a good way. This was brought to aerial UAV, originally thought, may not.相关的主题文章: