Summary of February 4th Sterling institutional Outlook (sub city) 搞笑特警串烧舞蹈

In February 4th, the outlook of sterling institutions (sub city), Societe Generale investment rose sharply in the United States dollar and the good data of the United Kingdom boosted, the pound dollar climbed strongly to four weeks high, the highest once pierced 1.46 pass to 1.4648. European early announced that Britain’s service PMI rose from 55.5 to 55.6 in January, higher than expected 55.3, on the other hand, the market continues to digest the European Union hopes the UK draft agreement in Europe news, together to support the pound since November recorded a decline in the rebound in the decline. Today the focus is undoubtedly the BOE rate decision, meeting minutes and inflation report, the bank is expected to be from attention to halt the troops and wait, but the Bank of England’s latest economic forecasts, concern the central bank will respond to the demand in emerging economies fell and other factors, and then cut the British 2016 economic growth forecast. Exchange rate exceeded 12-1 months (1.5110 1.4078) 38.2% retracement of the decline after 1.4530 to accelerate the rise. In the short term, the 1 hour chart display 20SMA follow the price rise, but much lower than the current price, technical indicators to restart the rally, located in the extreme overbought area. 4 hours chart technical indicators lost upward momentum, is located in the extreme overbought area, higher 20SMA, far below the current price. 200EMA is also located at 1.4530, the first time it has broken out since mid 12. The correction to the bit as a buying opportunity, break the 50% retracement of 1.4660 will rise further. Support: 1.4530 resistance: 1.4490 1.4450 UK services PMI released 1.4565 1.4600 1.4640 Asia strategy yesterday’s strong performance, the pound against the dollar rose sharply, the daily income for the big line, the exchange rate rose nearly 250 points to 1.4647 in the recent high, the daily exchange rate since the end of January continue to shock rebound, near the dollar yesterday rebound to golden 50% line, short-term concern will continue upward, upward if the breakthrough will further support the 1.48 mark, located in the 1.453-1.4500 region, there will be many days of data, the British central bank interest rate decision, Carney speech and the U.S. initial jobless claims last week, will have an important impact on currencies, short-term approach to careful operation. HY Markets GBP / USD: hourly chart breakthrough to maintain strong action, short-term support concerns 1.4525. 4 hour chart stochastic overbought correction since the dollar signs, signs of consolidation in the 1.4650 line, but not broken 1.4360 is still expected to continue to rise. A strong rebound in December 11th last year to test the daily highs 50% Fibonacci correction level of 1.4650, and the average of 50 days of level, only to break to open further upside, pointing to 1.4800. It is recommended to light warehouse short, pay attention to the performance near 1.4525, and then decide further direction. Banda Asia pounds yesterday rose sharply, close to a 1 month high, the dollar is now trading at around 1.4600. Dollar index theory

2月4日英镑机构观点汇总(亚市)   兴业投资   在美元大幅走软及英国良好数据的提振下,英镑 美元强势攀升至四周高位,最高一度刺穿1.46关口至1.4648。欧洲早盘公布的英国1月服务业PMI从55.5升至55.6,高于预期55.3,另一方面,市场也继续消化欧盟希望英国留欧的协议草案的消息,共同扶助英镑自11月以来录得的6%跌幅的颓势中反弹。今日重点无疑是英国央行利率决议、会议纪要和通胀报告,预计该行将按兵不动,但需从中关注该行对英国经济的最新经济预估,关注央行会否对新兴经济体需求下降和其他因素作出回应,进而下调英国2016年经济成长预估。   汇价突破12-1月(1.5110 1.4078)跌势的38.2%回档位1.4530后加速上扬。短期内,1小时图显示20SMA跟随价格上扬,但远低于现价,技术指标重启升势,位于极度超买区域。4小时图技术指标失去上行动能,位于极度超买区域,20SMA走高,远低于现价。200EMA也位于1.4530,自12月中以来首次突破该位。回档至该位视为买入机会,突破50%回档位1.4660将进一步上扬。   支撑位:1.4530 1.4490 1.4450   阻力位:1.4565 1.4600 1.4640   环亚策略   昨日英国公布的服务业采购经理人指数表现强劲,英镑兑美元大幅攀升,日图收为大阳线,汇价大涨近250点至1.4647近期高位,日图中看汇价自1月底以来延续震荡反弹走势,昨日汇价反弹至黄金分割50%线附近,短线关注能否继续上行,若突破将进一步上行1.48关口,支撑位于1.453-1.4500区域,日内将有众多数据公布,英国央行利率决议,卡尼讲话以及美国上周初请失业金人数等,都将对汇市产生重要影响,短线进场要谨慎操作。   HY Markets   英镑兑美元:小时图上行突破维持强劲上行动能,短期支持关注1.4525。4小时图随机指标自超买区域有修正迹象,汇价在1.4650一线有整理迹象,但不破1.4360仍有望继续走高。日图强势反弹测试了去年12月11日高点以来50%斐波回档水平1.4650,该档也是50日均线所在水平,只有上破才能打开进一步上行空间,指向1.4800。日内建议先轻仓做空关注1.4525附近表现再决定进一步方向。   邦达亚洲   英镑昨日大幅攀升,接近1个月高位,现汇价交投于1.4600附近。美元指数昨日在疲软经济数据和官员鸽派讲话的施压下重创是支撑英镑反弹的主要原因。时段内英国公布的1月服务业PMI数据表现良好也对汇价构成了一定的支撑。此外,投资者对英国退欧的忧虑降温也是支撑英镑反弹的重要因素。今日关注1.4500附近的支撑情况,上方压力在1.4690附近。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: