Studies have shown that apes may also speculate about other people’s minds 索尼a350

Research shows that apes may guess what others – Beijing – the new discovery and innovation according to the Xinhua news agency, Washington, October 6 Xinhua (reporter Lin Xiaochun) a new study published in the "science" magazine 6 days show that apes may also be able to speculate what others, which means that the apes may be earlier than we that is more like a human. Have similar mind to understand whether apes, the United States, Japan and Germany, the researchers made two short video, let chimpanzee, Japanese chimpanzee and gorilla three apes watch, and eye tracker to their infrared gaze tracking. In the first video, the role of human beings from behind false orangutans beat two under someone, and then hid in a haystack in the next two attackers had been watched by assailants; through a door left, fake gorilla drilled haystack by assailants fled the scene; when holding the stick again, if the apes can understand the ideas of others, they must be predicted by the attackers will move toward a false orangutans begin hiding haystack. The results showed that only 30 of the apes in 2/3 eyes did start from the haystack fake gorilla. Second video and video first roughly similar, the main difference is the hay into the box, false hails from sb’s hands grab a stone, and hid a two boxes, in the left after the stone was robbed. When who was robbed again, most of the apes correctly predict who was robbed to the wrong box looking for stone. The two videos mean that apes can make the right judgments about where humans think of a fake orangutan or a rock, and they know what people think. "This is the first time that non-human animals have been tested by false belief," the researchers said in a statement." The researchers say the findings suggest that the ability to understand the ideas of others is not correct is not unique to humans, but at least from 13 million to 18 million years ago, chimpanzee and chimpanzee and human bonobos orangutans last common ancestor may have started. "If further experiments are needed to confirm these findings, scientists may need to rethink how much the apes know each other."相关的主题文章: