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Strengthen the alliance referee Chuifa scale attack and move into key groin – Sohu sports   September 23, 2016 Beijing time, according to the American news media, in the new season of the game, the referee will strengthen the NBA attack on the groin and foul, walking whistled. Although the new season has not started, but there have been news that the Union has urged the judge to strengthen the attack inguinal kneeling whistled, and also for the players walking whistled more strictly. This year’s playoffs, the warriors Green in the game caused a lot of controversy. He kicked in the crotch of thunder center Adams push, and in the finals to attack James led directly to his groin, union ban was in the finals. Warrior Green often in physical contact, make the extension action kick, this action is very easy to mention other players groin. After the disqualification, the league has the action of Green’s decision as "unnatural action". NBA Senior Vice President Joe Borgia said in an interview, by athletes in shooting fouls, no attempts by waving limbs to draw fouls. In order to protect players, this action will be regarded as a foul. "Waving limbs foul to win in the league, more and more common. And the scale of these actions is getting bigger and bigger, a lot of people kick the higher. In order to protect the players, we will prohibit this action." Another attention is walking, the walking whistled Alliance on relatively loose, has been a lot of criticism. At a recent meeting, many referees complained to the union official. It is reported that the referee will pay special attention at the three point outside the pitchers, they were interrupted when the defensive player, in order to please people in defense, often there will be extra dribble before action. In addition, the referee will continue to play an important role in the New Jersey video playback center. They will look back on all the blows of the referee, especially those involving foul play and field conflicts. (Xiao Hu)相关的主题文章: