Strange man suddenly broke into the house, turned over, the truth is like this-lara fabian

Strange man suddenly broke into the house and turned around, the truth is like this "police comrades, I really repent, drugs, I will never touch this thing."!" In the police interrogation, Hu tearfully expressed repentance, but everything is too late. In September 22nd, Zhuji port police station received a public warning, said they have room to lift a quilt, pull a curtain of emotional people suddenly rushed into the turn. The police since only one common dispute case, but to the scene found that the man in a trance, answer the questions often anacoluthon. The police will carry out routine inquiries as soon as both sides bring them back to their home. The police had a heart, urine test results were positive for men. And police found that, just before long, the man Hu because of drug use by the Zhuji police administrative detention in accordance with law. Hu said, although he spent some time, but when he again saw the familiar "white bag", could not resist the temptation, the excitement went to someone’s home for a rummage through. At present, Hu on suspicion of drug abuse by Zhuji police administrative detention 14 days according to law. Police remind, now we are faced with all kinds of temptation, but the heart must have a ruler, illegal things must not "drift with the tide"".

陌生男突然闯进家门乱翻一气 真相竟是这样的“警察同志,我真心悔改,毒品这玩意我以后再也不碰了!”在民警审问过程中,胡某声泪俱下地表达着忏悔,但一切都为时已晚。9月22日,诸暨店口派出所接到群众报警,称有一个情绪激动的人突然间冲进他们的屋子内掀被子、拉窗帘,随意翻动。民警本以来只是一起普通的纠纷案子,但到现场发现该男子精神恍惚,回答问题也经常前言不搭后语。民警随即将双方带回所内进行例行询问。民警长了个心眼,对男子进行尿检,结果呈阳性。而且民警发现,就在在前不久,这名男子胡某就因吸毒被诸暨警方依法行政拘留过。胡某交代说,自己虽然熬过了些时日,但当他再次见到熟悉的“小白包”时,没能抵挡住诱惑,结果兴奋过度跑到别人家里乱翻一通。目前,胡某因涉嫌吸毒罪被诸暨警方依法行政拘留14日。警方提醒,现在大家面临着形形色色的诱惑,但心中都要有一根标尺,违法犯罪的事情一定不能“随波逐流”。相关的主题文章: