Strange doctor empire Empire magazine roll off

"Strange" Dr. Deng Empire magazine Sherlock insurance loss role recently, by Marvel Comics adaptation of the action movie "strange doctor" on the "empire" magazine, the director Scott · Derek Sen in an interview with reporters broke the news magazine, Benedict & middot; Cumberbatch narrowly missed as this the role of Doctor Strange ". Derek Sen said in an interview, had this role with the "master" Jared · Leto, Ryan · Gauss Lin and Feinikesi "many good actors" met, but Conboy Baki is "the only thing we have to seriously consider the actor". But when Cumberbatch agreed to play "Hamlett" on schedule, not open, can only be rejected. But see the number of actors Derek Sen was still with Marvel studios boss Kevin · said: "the non Kyrgyzstan fee; Benedict could not." In order to get the ideal actor, Wai Wei postponed the film production time, this is done. But before the marvel plan "strange doctor" scheduled for the summer of this year released, cannot but eventually pushed to the North American release in November. I also did not think this Benny said: "I really think (that) I can only kiss this opportunity, then could not get on, under normal circumstances the past is past. So they come back to me again, for me is the biggest compliment, inspire me to live up to their trust." Strange doctor will be released in North America in November 4, 2016. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: