Stock Market Morning Post 2 trillion and 200 billion investment to help raise a class of Mid Autumn

The stock market investment fueled a post: 2 trillion and 200 billion shares of Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangement chart Phoenix Financial News yesterday PPP stocks broke out across the board, in September third batch of PPP demonstration project to promote the listing jointly by the 20 departments of the Ministry of finance will be released early, in August 16th, the Ministry of Finance website news, the third batch of PPP demonstration projects have been completed in the declaration work. As of July 25th, a total of 1070 projects were received throughout the project plans a total investment of about $2 trillion and 200 billion. Involving energy, transportation, water conservancy, environmental protection, municipal utilities, agriculture, forestry, science and technology, affordable housing, education, culture, health care, pension, health, tourism, sports and other public services. Related stocks or will continue unpopular; in addition, the Shanghai Stock Exchange yesterday released the Mid Autumn Festival holiday arrangements, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has not yet released, but there will be no change. Securities News: []: the State Council policy appropriate to expand domestic demand to increase efforts to implement the proactive fiscal policy according to news September 6th, September 5th Premier Li Keqiang chaired a State Council executive meeting, deployed in key areas and weak links and increase efforts to make up the short board, rely on reform and opening up to promote the development of upgrading and improving people’s livelihood. The meeting pointed out that innovative financing ways to revitalize the overall settlement funds. Play the role of government investment guidance, in accordance with the market-oriented operation and sustainable requirements on poverty alleviation relocation as the focus of scientific and rational use of special construction funds, such as the increase of water conservancy and weak links, the city flood facilities construction investment in the central budget. The meeting stressed the need to mobilize the enthusiasm of social capital, further liberalization of infrastructure investment restrictions. CIRC: the insurance company to name "Paul", to prevent big shareholders from the insurance company into the financing platform of China Insurance Regulatory Commission: to further improve the system of personal insurance at the same time, the integrated use of various means to strengthen the supervision of universal insurance and other personal insurance products, adherence to risk the bottom line; promote the insurance company to adjust the structure to the way to speed up the risk protection and long-term savings business development, require insurance companies to name "Paul", to prevent big shareholders from the insurance company into the financing platform of the insurance company; asset liability mismatch risk for the company to conduct a comprehensive investigation, risk promptly take appropriate regulatory measures. CIRC said, put an end to personal insurance products as simple alienation of short-term financial products in short duration; for products, continue to implement the investment of capital and net assets from the total control policy strictly, control the total risk exposure. To guide the insurance company to plan the short deposit renewal business in a scientific way, to change its own development mode, and to keep pace with the rhythm. Fully considering the market affordability, a good grasp of the regulatory policy discretion, to avoid "slam the brakes" or "across the board", maintain the overall stability of the market. SFC: Chang Xuan can served as the assistant chairman of the SFC Chinese Commission official micro-blog 6 morning released information that, recently, the State Council decided to declare Chang Ren China Securities Regulatory Commission Chairman assistant. 2000 to 2004, Xuan Chang worked in the Commission, has served as deputy director of the Planning Commission and the Department of supervision. Prior to being appointed assistant to the chairman of the Commission, he was appointed as china;相关的主题文章: