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"Startling step by step Li" the small details secret Prince   outcome; women in ancient two men killed — Anhui channel — original title: "startling step by step Li" small details secret the prince ending women stay in ancient times two men were killed in the "Li" startling step by step, before Wang Zhao ascended to the throne. There are three princes have made the emperor, King Zhao the from the heart, and later because of environmental factors jockeying for position. The original "" startling step by step, the hostess maertai Dongxi if experienced in love, marry fourteen ye his bye after the final fatality, and then returned to the modern life. However, it is assumed that the "startling step by step" Li finale, women most likely to stay in the ancient times. Of course, this also depends on whether the film will be a sequel. If in accordance with the Chinese version of "general" startling step by step, the solution back to the modern show. Or with the emperor Wang Zhao lived happily together in ancient times, in view of the current and outgoing have to shoot second news, tend to solve the show is to stay in the ancient times. In addition, originally did not want to become the emperor Wang Zhao (Lee Jun-ki ornaments), but found himself to his family and the world’s people and make efforts in eight and led by Prince rival group confrontation, also play their own calm and deep thinking of talent, in a final support to help the family house the Minister boarded the throne. Wang Zhao became emperor after the queen is not the solution tree, but his half sister Huangfu Huangfu lotus, lotus is South Korea and Korea during the period of Damu queen. Huangpu Lotus by virtue of its neat character and natural political ability, become the target on the throne and personally will help to protect the house of the king. Is an irreplaceable and has a fatal charm of the princess, smooth and clean character and innate to the political version of Alfa Korea girl Huangpu Yan Hua, Wang and built to hold the ‘King’ family. So Wang Zhao had several wives? It is understood that the history of Wang Zhao has 3 wives, respectively, Damu Hwangbo’s Queen: Taizu Wang Jianzhi female, Wang Zhaoyi mother and sisters. Mrs. Lin: Hui Zong Gong and Wang Wuzhi. Yi Hui: the king of Bohai’s large royal family background. (Ma Lingling, commissioning editor Guan Fei) original title: "startling step by step the small details of the Prince Li" secret women in ancient ending two men were killed and Wang Zhao had two children and three women, were you born the eldest son of Queen Damu: Korea Jing Zong Wang? (Damu Queen’s second son Huangpu students): filial piety and the Prince (Queen’s Damu Hwangbo, who lost, zaoyao): Temple (Damu Mrs. Chiaki eldest daughter of Queen’s daughter Huangpu students): Bauer (Queen’s palace lady Damu Huangpu three female students): Queen Wende (Princess Licheng high case Damu Queen’s Huangpu, Huangpu) play, Wang Zhao does not love the lotus. But love solution tree, but the history of Wang Zhao, who will be difficult to know what love. "Li" Wang Zhao startling step by step historical prototype characters introduced, Wang Zhao’s early days in Korea Tianshou eight years (925 years), Wang Zhao was born in the state (now the Kaesong). He is the king of Korea)相关的主题文章: