South Korea North Korea launches missiles with a maximum range of 13 thousand kilometers covering Eu 66814

South Korea: North Korea missile a maximum range of 13 thousand km coverage in Europe North Korea’s long-range missile Russian satellite network February 7th news: South Korean Defense Minister Han min for Congress in South Korea says North Korea fired a ballistic missile a maximum range of 13000 km. This missile can theoretically hit anywhere in Europe or North america. According to Kyodo news, South Korean experts believe that a device or part of it has been put into orbit, but it’s hard to say what this is. It’s hard to say whether they can succeed or not. North Korea’s Space Technology Committee announced pyonganbuk from east barn launch successfully launched a "bright star No. 4" Star "rocket. In the report, the satellite orbit height of 494.6 to 500 kilometers, the satellite circled the earth for 94 minutes. The rocket model and its improved model have not been determined. However, according to the analysis of the rocket level drop site, the Japanese military concluded that the improved "Galaxy 3" launch vehicle. In 2012, "the Milky Way No. 3" will be "a 3 satellite into orbit.

韩国:朝鲜发射导弹最大射程1.3万公里覆盖欧美 朝鲜远程导弹   俄罗斯卫星网2月7日消息:韩国防长韩民求在韩国国会称,朝鲜发射的弹道导弹的最大射程为13000公里。这种导弹理论上几乎可以打到欧洲或北美的任何地方。   据共同社报道,韩国专家认为,某个设备或者它的一部分已被送入轨道,但很难说,这是什么。他们也很难说,是否能认为成功发射与否。   朝鲜宇宙空间技术委员会宣布在平安北道的从东仓里发射场成功发射了带有“光明星4号”的“光明星”运载火箭。在报道中称,卫星轨道的高度494.6到500公里,卫星绕地球一圈为94分钟。火箭的型号及其改进型号并未被确定。但根据对火箭级坠落地点的分析,日本军方作出了结论,发射的是改进型的“银河3号”运载火箭。2012年,“银河3号”将“光明星3号”卫星送入了轨道。相关的主题文章: