Some sections of the Taiyuan tungfung road passable by Triumph Street through the Dragon Street-wh60a

Some sections of the Taiyuan tungfung road passable by Triumph Street through the Dragon Avenue Shanxi evening news (reporter Li Jing) tungfung road as a North and south eastern region of Taiyuan new city to the main road, the road built by Triumph Street through the Dragon street. Today, the reporter visits found that the road construction progress, the Changfeng Street boundaries, five street and Changfeng Street Longkou section of road construction, completion of existing vehicles, Changfeng Street East to the south, temporarily unable to pass. Dong Feng Road is located in East Central High Speed East, South East Dragon Street, north to Triumph Street, a total length of 13.4 km. In accordance with the planning and design of road red line width of 30 meters to 40 meters, two-way 6 lane design speed of 40 kilometers, all intersect with the dozen major intersections, which are mainly Nansha viaduct bridge, Shahe bridge, North River Ditch Bridge three bridge, and a Flood Retarding pond. Visit the reporter saw, from Changfeng Street Road intersection with the north, individual temporary blue enclosure. In Changfeng street to Chaoyang Street, the road has been drawing lines, street lights, greening and other facilities have been completed supporting; in the Chaoyang Street to five street section of Longkou manhole, raised according to the judgment, the laying of two layers of asphalt pavement, the road has not yet to draw a line, ancillary facilities are not installed. Reporters on the scene saw the motor vehicle traffic has been in the region, but the traffic signs have not been installed. Continue along the road to the north, through the establishment of the five crossroads Street Longkou blue enclosure, the reporter can see, the construction site is laying asphalt, large-scale engineering machinery tension operation. In addition, in Changfeng Street East to the south, the road is not the normal passage of Loess plugging. The reporter also found that during the visit, with Xuefu street, Changfeng street, nanneihuan street and other major east-west roads East Road and East Peak delayed, or across or through, fast road line through three-dimensional traffic way. After the completion of the road, to improve the traffic function of the area, improve infrastructure facilities, promote the transformation of villages along the city have an important impact.相关的主题文章: