Solution Sade trapped, China and South Korea had to return to the same channel

The solution of "Sade" of the storm, and first go back to "the same channel" about "Sade in Han" all kinds of discussion, Chinese and South Korea almost "not in a channel, South Korea stressed Sade system must be for security, and Chinese is more of a" South Korea why don’t need analysis of Sade, cognitive difference of "Sade" visible large South korea. G20 summit held soon, the parties look forward to meeting the leaders of China and South Korea can actively promote the settlement of the problem of sade. The debate and the stalemate is not a permanent solution, a solution of "Sade" problem is to avoid "Sade system should be deployed?" Understood as a simple "yes or no", and made it a multiple-choice question". The major cognitive differences between China and South Korea on the issue of Sade, derived from a number of important technical issues of different judgments. Substantive dialogue on these issues matter, is a fundamental way to bridge the cognitive differences. At the same time, the technical level of communication for South Korea to take positive measures to reduce the impact of China’s security interests of Sade’s objective impact may be: how long will be deployed? How to deploy? Radar data can be shared? These are the existence of space for discussion, it is worth in-depth communication between the two sides to find a solution to cooperation. Prior to China and South Korea had a very successful diplomatic interaction, in the face of Sade issue, China and South Korea should not be antagonistic, but should actively seek dialogue and resolve the way. (Phoenix military) different understanding of Sade, and speak the same language in thad issue, China applied high pressure have been comprehensively for a period of time on the South Korean media has been called "eat and sleep called South Korea", but so far, South Korea does not show obvious signs to change deployment decisions. The reason lies in the fact that there is a fundamental cognitive difference between the two sides. The mainstream view of China believes that Sade can not provide substantial protection for South Korea, so South Korea is entirely in the United States under the pressure and pressure to agree to deploy sade. South Korea in between the two countries to choose sides, and clear the selection of the United States is the most hated China decision. In contrast, South Korea’s ruling party has a fundamental difference in the nature of sade. In the eyes of Sade can not only intercept medium range ballistic missile North Korea, also has effective ability to intercept North Korean short-range ballistic missile. Most of the intercept tests conducted at the previous research and development stage were aimed at short range missiles. Short range missiles with a range of 300 km or more are in the descent section at the intercept height of 40-150 km. As a result, Sade can effectively provide substantial protection for most of the South and South korea. The South Korean capital of Seoul because of the geographical constraints, the distance too close to the border, even if the deployment of Sade system on the north, can not provide effective protection of Seoul. However, the failure to protect Seoul’s flaws will not lead to the abandonment of the deployment of sade. In the face of North Korea from the comprehensive nuclear threats against the most serious national security challenges, rational decision makers tend to choose the most protected land to protect it, and then through other measures to strengthen the protection of the remaining land, for example, including Seoul in northern region to deploy more bottom anti missile weapons. And South Korea does not consider its existing patriotism.相关的主题文章: