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Home-Improvement The UK is world famous for cloudy and rainy weather. It is one of the last places you would expect solar panels to be used. When I think of solar panels I imagine sunny places like Spain or parts of the USA. Are solar panels really something that can be effective in Britain or is it restricted to warmer climates? Solar energy is fast the world’s number 1 alternative electricity force. The technology is more advanced, and thanks to cheap manufacturing costs from countries like China, it isn’t so expensive now. The British government recognize this. They also appreciate that the panels are less effective in the UK. But with other resources running low they have decided to further lower the costs of solar panels by offering subsidies. This means that .panies are now offering UK homes with free solar panels. The subsidies from the government help to pay for the installations and the excess electricity that your homes doesn’t use gets sold back to the government too. Of course you can also opt to buy the solar panels yourself and then you will be paid for the excess electricity. How much do solar panels cost for the average home in the UK? A very rough idea would be five to seven thousand pounds. How long do solar panels last? The improvement in production and technology mean that they now last around 30 years. With no maintenance needed this also represents a sound investment. Is it best to use free solar panels or buy your own? For convenience the offer of free panels and thus free electricity is almost a perfect deal. The .pany that installs the system will be responsible for maintenance. All you have to do is sit back and count your savings. However if you can afford the installation cost, you stand to earn more in the long run from your unused power. Either way solar panels are a win win situation for British homes. The panels don’t look bad at all, if you have a large garden you can even set them up behind a shed or trees instead of on your roof. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: